Thursday, June 26, 2014


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  1. Steeeeeeeeeeeeverrrrrrrrrrrr 1st!!

  2. The dumb yank doesn’t even realise the yanks did sweet fuck all until they got done over at Pearl Harbor in 1941. Not their war was their previous stance.

    Oh, and they didn’t win jack! They joined in to help win.

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  4. Marco you need to pick up a history book, also-find a book to help with your illiteracy.

  5. The Beast Among Us

    Germans would have won the war with the ME-262 had we not had some lucky defectors to help us develop nuclear warfare.

  6. The Germans were the real winners of the war. They were the winners the majority of the time, only lost at the very end.

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  8. It's the fucking Beatles

    I think you ALL need to go and re-read your history books. Air and sea superiority was won by the British in the war in Europe. The Bismark was destroyed by the Royal Navy (and subsequently scuttled by the German sailors before being rescued in the North Sea by Royal Navy ships). And the Battle of Britain, which you seem to conveniently forget was won by the Royal and Canadian Royal Air Forces who repelled the Germans and prevented them from invading Britain. They drove the Germans back into occupied terrority, making it far easier to demolish what was left of their army, navy and airforce. It really pisses me off that our sacrifices are forgotten while you gloat about how YOU saved us all. The reason we don’t speak German has NOTHING to do with the US. But EVERYTHING to do with the RAF and CRAF doing their jobs and kicking the Germans’ arses back in the Fatherland. So STFU about how great you are.

  9. So, the Americans are going to sit on the sidelines and do bugger all for most of the game then wade in halfway through the 2nd half, expecting a miraculous capitulation. Sounds like the plot of a movie by the same people who brought you U571.

  10. On the contrary jasperk2009 it is you who needs to go read a few history books.
    Try reading one not written by the douches in your country that try rewriting the history of WW2.
    Must be gut wrenching to know America actually was not on the Allies side at the beginning of the war.
    In fact you fuckers were on Germans side and financed them from 1939 to 1941.
    You only switched sides for 2 reasons, Japan attacked you and Russia was beating the shit out of Germany.
    We all know you fuckers being two faced back stabbing shitheads can’t stand being on the losing side.
    Now go do one faggot and learn some history!

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