Monday, June 13, 2011

Week Starting Wins!

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  1. I’m first and you’re not.

  2. second!

  3. Eighth

  4. How bad was Jacob’s breath that “curry-condom scented” seemed like an improvement?

  5. tweetatcelebritytypos

    I’ve seen the LeBron joke for months now. Way to be late to the game.

    Guess what! I have as many rings and championships as LeBron.


  6. Will there ever be a woman/cooking/sandwich/kitchen “joke” that’s ever funny? I bet the people that tell these think they’re fucking kings of comedy.

  7. I thought you said “kitten jokes”
    Kitten jokes are always funny, cute and fuzzy. And appropriate

  8. Agreed, wandr.

    The second one made me sad inside 🙁

  9. Since when has curry been an ideal substitute for a mint? As for curry condoms, they don’t sound very appealing – personally, I don’t fancy having a madras flavoured minge.

  10. Are curry condoms for those trying to spice up a relationship??

  11. Woman jokes were funny until every one played them out.

  12. Who names their child Sofa?

  13. The Kitty Leader Alliance

    *MEANWHILE, in space the rebels are about to make their assault on the Death Star*…

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