Monday, March 26, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Should’ve gone to SpecSavers.

  2. the 1st one isnt a win, its fucking disgusting. 2nd one made me laugh tho

  3. Dear Kylie,
    Learn how to make SENTENCES.

  4. Michael: sounds like what would happen when I would drive while really really stoned. I would also wait for stop signs to turn green.

  5. I was driving along all stoned once, suddenly I noticed everyone was pulled over. I thought it’d be best if I did too. Turns out they were picking up their kids from school…I discreetly drove away.

  6. penises (penii?) are pretty great and there is no reason to keep them hidden away all the time. unless your are fucking creepy and like to touch your parents with them. and your parents are ok with that. (cue the banjo) rich the book signer…highfive.
    5. mass you got to grab a white kid next time. they go for like 20 grand on the interwebs.

  7. JohnstonAlvin, frankly, I think sisqi’s business idea is far more viable.

  8. Morons who think the plural of penis is penii really piss me off. Learn some fucking grammar.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I second the high-five for Rich.

  10. 8. fucking grammar is the only grammar i really know.

  11. Thank you, mass; your story was gold.

    Joshua is probably about 3 years old, so he is neither “fucking disgusting” nor “fucking creepy”. The only terrible thing about Kylie’s story was her marked lack of punctuation. If I knew her, I might be tempted to bash her head in… with her own fucking keyboard.

  12. Very nice of you Bacchante.

    Just bought a new car with a huge trunk, thanks sisqi.

  13. Number 3 is a rip off from So is throwingtofu’s comment about stop signs changing color.

  14. ^ I’ve used the “waiting for the stop sign to turn green” for many years. Usually, I use it when the driver in front of me is stopped at a stop sign and, um, waiting for it to turn green.

  15. Who says that shit like in the first one? Is he making fun of his baby? WTF is really going on there?

  16. ^can you not hear the duelling banjos, Hawk?

  17. whoa whoa whoa when I was 3 years old I didn’t go around slapping my vagenis onto people’s shoulder’s. Pretty sure that that doesn’t make it ok?

  18. Why would YOU be used as the yardstick for what is “ok”, crusty?

    Kids have no notion of what is appropriate or inappropriate by adult standards. I used to hug men around the thighs when I was about 4 years old… and the height of my smiley little face made it decidedly awkward for the poor fellas.

    However, that particular greeting is a little more acceptable these days…

  19. it would certainly be acceptable to me if we were ever to meet.

  20. 19. ok that made me chuckle.

  21. As for greetings, I always thought Crocodile Dundee had the right idea.

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