Monday, April 2, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Yeah she took an east bound train going 60 mph

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  3. Or x wanted to square things with y…

  4. Goddamn, somebody watches too much Jersey Shore. Is that thing even real?

  5. Jesus! her teeth are the same orange as her tan.

  6. On, you can make yourself tan. Obviously, the people who made this girl tan forgot to erase the tanning over the teeth. Fake.

  7. She loves santans.

  8. Those boys are cute… I’d miss them too.

  9. And just to complain like most people here: I had already seen that one about the mime on myspace, reddit, and

  10. I’m pretty new to this site, so maybe my question is redundant, but why are people so angry on here? Isn’t this site supposed to provide some sort of comic relief to an otherwise tedious work day? At least for me it does….

  11. ^ Frustration due to involuntary celebatism.

  12. hahaha… it all makes sense now

  13. Everyone is a dick on the internet. It helps you be a better person in real life. I agree it is annoying though.

  14. If you can’t beat them, join them…

  15. hahhahahaha as if you just said it makes you a better person in real life!! MsAnne isn’t a good person.

  16. i already dislike ‘babeecakes923’. For obvious reasons. you can just go back where you came from.

  17. Babeecakes, where have you been hiding? Everyone is nasty on the internet, they hide behind a nom de plume and know that nobody can punch them in the face for having a crappy attitude. This site is not nearly the worst. That said…yeah, I tend to agree, a lot of people on here do seem quite angry. I’m thinking…constipation. Not being able to take a crap would sure be frustrating, and it would also explain how they’re so full of shit.

  18. Babeecakes has made two posts and you’re jumping on that shit faster than a redneck fucks their own daughter. You kinda make me understand where MsAnne is coming from.

  19. I think everyone is pissed off because the posts get lamer and lamer.

  20. I’m with velocirrober. they are cute!

  21. the only dudes who would hang out with a tanned toothed whore is dorky pencil necked white dudes. they probably would stick their dick in a farm animal if they had the chance. that orange bitch doesnt deserve any friendships

  22. hawkbit, you’re pretty close to the truth. in actuality, people get pissed off online because they’re little pussy bitches and lack the cognitive capacity to do anything more creative. see crusty’s ongoing meltdown for a primo example.
    Also, I ‘d like to point out the sad irony of watching the mouth-breathing cretins on here (with very few exceptions) trying pathetically to mock and belittle the mouth-breathing cretins on fæcesbook – when really they are utterly indistinguishable from each other – is why daddy drinks.

  23. MsAnne – I think your my hero

  24. *you’re*

  25. ^I can’t be. no one likes me. would crusty lie about something like that?

  26. Your ability to create a mythical world of everyone behind a computer screen to be retards , can only point to your retardation. You keep coming back yet you’re sick of it, says a lot about you. Lol, you are the company you keep.

  27. ^take a deep breath….feel better? good.

  28. ^ take a deep breath. Yes, that’s the smell of loneliness, and cheeto’s

  29. ^I have zero sympathy for you.
    I honestly think you should end it all.
    there are 7 billion humans seething and teeming on this planet – you will not be missed.

  30. MsAnne, I think you should be the one to turn lamebook around. Let’s all be the huggy happy family eh?

  31. [suspicious glare] don’t you come any closer…!

  32. We can even do the two cheek kisses thing?

  33. if you wish – but i haven’t showered this morning.
    /drops trou
    /bends over

  34. MsAnne, do you sit on here all day, everyday, refreshing the page just to engage in fucking meaningless internet banter/trolling with idiots? I would like your day job.

  35. you have no idea how much fun i have.

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