Monday, June 11, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. Cow – You spelled refrigerator wrong.

    Oh, and I’m not “trolling,” per se (well maybe a little, but…), I’m just trying to convey to you in the best way that the interwebz will allow just how much I hate your fucking guts.

    You follow me around and troll me on other posts, and you constantly try and stir people up on here; all because you’re a joyless, self-aggrandizing, entitled little bitch who sponges off her rich parents and tries to feel worthwhile just by having someone reply to her. Yes, I remember that.

    And to further it, you dumb ass comments about Bacchante replying “at all hours” and how that somehow related to Harvard Law School — when she lives in a different fucking country. Or maybe she’s up studying her Harvard Law? Who fuckign cares what time it is?

    You are such a dumb, worthless twat. Go kill yourself.

    I’m done replying to you. (Though I might troll ya once in a while. You know, just for posterity’s sake. Go ahead, take a minute and look that up.)

  2. *your

  3. I have plenty of joy. I’m laughing right now in fact. As I said before, the whole reason I started this was because MsAnne was being her usual humorless self. I may feed off of my rich parents, but at least I enjoy my life. You sound like you hate every second of yours, you bitter freak. And why the fuck does it matter if Bacchante lives in a different country, and how the hell was I supposed to know that? Don’t pull that liberal shit on me. Go fuck yourself, you worthless emo faggot.

  4. I bet the only reason you’re full of joy right now is because you’re masturbating, and joy is the name of the vibrating dildo you enjoy slipping into that little anus of yours…fucking weirdo. 😀

  5. Well, you’re correct there. For the first time in your life. I like to jerk myself off staring at my enormous stacks of money as well.

  6. Let me guess, you smear your cum all over Benjamins face afterwords, too…instead of letting your dog lick it off like the last time I accidentedidly walked in on “yous guys”, ami rite you big bad boy? U soo derti!

  7. My dog gives a good blowie.

  8. *Just* a blowie?, no sloppy five dahwa sucki sucki wong time? That’s just fucking lame dude! Do you at least let him lick your asshole? I hear they like that! :p :p 😛 Oh look, he’s wagging his towel, that’s just fucking adorable!

  9. err *tail

  10. Nails, I like your input and agree wholeheartedly.

    We should probably stop talking to the bovine though, because it seems to think it’s our equal. I blame its rich, cosseting parents for instilling the notions of worth and value in its overinflated ego.

    I do, however, comfort myself with the knowledge that some day it will have to move out of Mommy and Daddy’s house, get a job (hopefully after going to university) and get a dose of reality shoved forcefully into its waiting rectum. Capn, would you like to help with that part?

  11. You are so obviously jealous of me it’s kind of sad. I almost feel bad for you. Almost.

  12. Yeah, we’re jealous of your ability to shoot milk bullets out of your cock shaped tits, Evil….haha…and I’d be more than happy to help, Bacchante…but only if his parents get to watch. I’m sure they’d be proud to see their baby all grown up and gaping wide…btw…I know you already know this, B, but just in case everyone just showing up for the party doesn’t, “Reality” is the name of my obese pet gerbil.

  13. Also, I already am out of mommy and adday’s house, living on my own in a mansion, doing nothing all day. So pretty big fail there for you, bacchantgay.

  14. Thanks Bacchante, but I already said I’m not replying to it anymore. Anyone who actually says, “my enormous stacks of money,” actually lives in their mom’s basement, and has literally no money. Anywho, I’m done checking back here now. Cheers!

  15. I can make wild generalizations too! Anyone who says “Feminism = Bullshit”, is actually a sexually frustrated virgin with a sick fascination towards his mother.

  16. ^fail, I’m also abandoning this thread now, it’s getting too far back for me to care enough to keep finding…enjoy your dog 😀

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