Monday, December 10, 2012

Week Starting Wins

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  1. 1. Meh 2. Didn’t do it, doesn’t count 3. Douche.

  2. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    could someone explain number two for me..? I know of Wu-Tang Clan, but (being a stupid European) I don’t get the joke…

  3. Throatwobbler: I’m an American who is very family with the Wu-Tang Clan and I hate Fox News and even I don’t really get the joke.

  4. family? really? I mean *familiar

  5. That Nicholas Cage one is pretty funny. Stephen’s joke is meh, but the picture is hilarious.

  6. Now that we have black Nick Cage, can we please get rid of white Nick Cage?

    I hope Lee then choked to death on those gum balls while the salvation army guy looked him dead in the eyes and did nothing.

  7. is Brittany really trying to say Stephen A. Smith looks like Nicolas Cage?? WTF? is she retarded? They look nothing alike. and Nick Cage is a good actor whos been in a lot of good movies and Stephen A. Smith is a loud idiot who has to kiss athletes asses just to keep his pointless job.

  8. Nic Cage is a horrible actor. Are you taking psychotropic drugs? ^

  9. What are “YouTube stacks”?

  10. T2000, Nic Cage is both a horrible actor and a good actor. Maybe you’re too young to know his good stuff, but he peppers it in with all the crap he does just to get money to pay off the IRS

    The Wu-Tang thing is just something to yell in the background of a news show. Like if he yelled “I’m rich BIATTTCH!!!” it would achieve the same effect

  11. Mr tiny little, tiny little, COCK!

  12. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Ahh – now I get it. I suppose this is why they normally lock the door to the studio when they are recording live news shows.

    It would have been more fun, if he yelled STEEEEVERRR.

  13. deviantnicole: I thought being ‘very family with the Wu-Tang Clan’ sounded pretty ‘street’, actually . . .

  14. Must be one of Cages terrible disguise to hide the fact that he’s a vampire..

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