Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Winnin’

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  1. LOL – nice one Steven.
    And Chris, burn those fuckin’ kids good!

  2. Seen the one from Chris before, but it still amuses me. Are strings really that expensive, or is he just amazingly poor?

  3. I assume he was joking about the loan, but if he’s talking about an upright bass, a good set of strings runs about $150-200. Not fun to snap one.

  4. Chris’ is rubbish, it was great the first time I heard it, about a year ago, now it’s just repetitive and boring.
    Steven’s was just brilliant.

  5. Even good strings for a normal bass are around $80. And great call by Steven.

  6. Come to think of it, I believe that Fred’s post might be fake, and Steven is in on it.

  7. Pretty quick replies from all of them…

  8. it’s called being online for 10 minutes after you update your status….dumbass

  9. Actually, bass strings do vary quite a bit, but a top of the line set for an upright can be $400-$500.

  10. Steven shows how important timing is to good humor.

  11. Third has to be fake

  12. I like Steven’s comment, don’t see why it matters if it’s fake, if it puts a smile on your face is it really that important.

  13. i wish tyler had said treble instead of trouble because that would be have been funnier. maybe that’s just the music nerd in me 🙂

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