Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend Wins

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  1. JustAnotherAsian

    BEN??? OMG! OMG! OMFG!!!

  2. JustAnotherAsian

    now i feel like i’m frodo…

  3. hahaha nice. 😀

  4. all good ones !!

  5. polishsausage

    Way to step up your game Lamebook. Even Alen002 chimed in early, so you know it’s a good post.

  6. @Alen002

    Did you not post that same message at some stage yesterday?!

  7. eyeheartbrains

    Don’t worry, JustAnotherAsian, Alen002 is frodo. And lamer than lame.

  8. Right? That’s what she said jokes weren’t that funny to begin with, it’s pretty surprising someone actually set up a whole website dedicated to them. Yikes.

    Although I’m starting to think the Justin Bieber jokes are getting a bit stale, too, so maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.

  9. Who's That Girl?

    My husband is a pussy 😉

  10. Come on, a ‘girl making a sandwich’ joke? Really? I thought we’d all made it clear they were no longer wins. Get with it lamebook. The ‘s’exhchanged joke was good though, well played James.

  11. Exactly!!! It’s not laughing matter, we should be in the kitchen making sandwiches, it’s no joke!

  12. Pathetic. All set ups. Any body filter this stuff?

  13. *no

  14. i love malteaser too

    So…Stephanie says Justin Beiber looks like a foetus. Going by Nick’s principles, it doesn’t look too good for poor Justin, does it?
    And oh wait, did I just try to make a Beiber joke? Yawn.

  15. i love malteaser too

    I am being moderated. Help help. I hate moderation.

  16. But malteasers need to be eaten in moderation.

  17. Best LameBook post in a while!

  18. pearls-before-swine

    The first one was pretty good. Others.. meh.

  19. i love malteaser too

    My previous comment is still under moderation apparently.So let me try again. According to Stephanie, Justin Beiber resembles a fetus. Going by Nick’s morals, it doesn’t look too good for poor Justin now, does it?
    And oh wait, did I just try to make a Beiber joke? Meh.

  20. i love malteaser too

    Yay it got through.

    People, the next time you get moderated, change Brit spelling to American or vice versa, add some synonyms, change some punctuation and voila!

  21. Name blur fail, on the third one.

  22. Sean, you ended up at the bottom of the stairs because I pushed you. Obviously, it didn’t work out too well if you’re posting it on facebook. You’re friends made up for it though.

  23. Ooh yay, a joke about women making sandwiches AND a joke about Justin Bieber?

    Hell, why not bung in a few of Alen’s That’s What She Saids? Then we’ll be having a proper laugh riot.

    What’s black AND white?

    Hell yeah guys, we’re on the fucking CUTTING EDGE of comedy!

  24. You gotta remember BH, LB is trying to satisfy the intellectual capacity of the vast majority of everyday viewers by putting up simple jokes they can understand. The gems we find every now and then are just rare anomalies, and typically have to be explained to others, lol.

  25. My weekend away isn’t going as well as it usually does, something is off, so I thought I’d see what was going down here.

    Madonna (WTG), I got your joke.

  26. Justin Bieber was here in Aus last week, and his “performance” had to be cancelled due to crowd hysteria, quite a few young girls had to hospitalised as a result.

    The world has gone mad.

  27. The Bieber fever is a serious disease word, it’s gotten so bad that little girls are getting hospitalized now. This is terrible.

  28. word, that happened here, too. It’s like the Jonas Brothers all over again. I guess pre-pubescent girls go nuts for average pop songs sung by average pre-pubescent boys.

    Gotta feel bad for the Jonas Brothers though, I picture them laying in a ditch cursing at adverts for Justin Bieber concerts on passing buses whilst swigging juice from a dirty bottle.

  29. That’s What She Said.

    Huh? Huhhhh? 😀

  30. Justin Beiber fever in a nutshell: “Ohmigawd, he’s famous and he is close to my age. I must fall blindly in love with him and vehemently deny the fact that he will never know who I am… Hmmm, what’s he famous for anyway? Oh, he’s a singer? Well I’m the biggest fan of his music!!”

    My reaction to Justin Beiber in a nutshell: “Who’s this Bieber kid everyone’s making fun of on facebook? Oh, a singer. Alright, carry on.”

  31. @ Alen002

    Thats crazy, I just found this other hilarious site that has instead “Check out my dumbass website that is obviously so popular that i feel the need to spam EVERY fucking lamebook post” Stories and Jokes from real people. They are super funny just google imafuckingasshole and they should pop up first result.
    Soon to be coming “they tracked me down and stuck a hamster up my butt, took a photo and posted it on lamebook, fuunnny”

    That is all xx

  32. @meh Just be glad he only does it once per thread. I’ve kinda gotten used to it at this point, and if i’m mad, I can just vent on him, or whoever is Frodo at the time.

  33. last one totally made my day!!

  34. Walter Sobchak

    JustAnotherAsian, you should feel like Frodo. You wasted a perfectly good opportunity to get a “First!” As Ayn Rand says, “There is a level of cowardice lower than that of the conformist: the fashionable non-conformist.”

  35. I don’t quite get what Stephanie is trying to say, tbh.

    But Dylan’s second comment FTW

  36. #1 David FTW!!! Such an obvious joke I’m so surprised I’ve never heard it or thought of it before! I will be using that one fo sho!

  37. Nick : Chew lightly

    Archie: The reason it’s taking so long is because she is screwing your neighbor due to the fact you are still stuck in the fifties you prick.

    Dylan: You can do better than that.

    Stephanie: Nobody cares.

    @ nuff : your* 😉

  38. lol

  39. can someone explain “frodo” for me?

  40. I think its James and Dylan FTW!
    Both funny and clever.

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