Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to Paradise

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    I am interested in how they plan to transform a few handfuls of paper pamphlets into a fully functional recycling center.

  2. Margaret D. Harris

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  3. ^ You’d be better off leaving your car in the parking lot of Paradise Bar overnight.

  4. More like the paradox bar.

  5. I’m always being told to “drink responsibly”. That’s why I fasten my safety belt.

  6. ^
    I thought drink responsibly just meant no PBR.

  7. They should make pamphlets of this post and put it on the cars outside the church.

  8. Luckily for the churches, a fiery seat in Hell is mainly reserved for those heathens who engage in drinking and partying, and not for those who prefer the systematic rape of generations of children placed in their care. Phew!

  9. I drive like shit when I’m drunk

  10. I lost my “other” virginity at paradise bar…

  11. Anne J. Hawkins

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  12. Imamofo, you’re listening to the liberal propaganda again…
    1) Assuming that every priest, minister, elder, and child care worker in every church is a child molester is utter idiocy
    2) Assuming that more than a small handful of children have been molested in churches is, again, pure idiocy
    3) Assuming that proportionally more children are molested by important officials in their churches than by normal people is, once more, idiotic
    4) Assuming this has gone on for generations is, for a fourth time, a spectacularly stupid fail.

    It’s negative stereotypes of Christians by people like you that cause Christians to negatively stereotype non-Christians. Congratulations.

  13. Oh, Imamofo, I forgot to mention that your generalization of Christians is just as bigoted and close-minded as the alleged behavior and ideas of Christians which you obviously, foolishly, believe.

  14. @gwoodard8 There is no liberal propaganda about it. It’s the truth and the reason religion in itself doesn’t work. Just because you haven’t witnessed it does not mean its rubbish propaganda bullshit. I’m sorry GOD could not predict how sick mankind would become over the years and did not include ” thou shall not lay with a child as you would with your wife” as a commandment! Maybe then, it would also be classed as a sin!

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