Thursday, May 31, 2012

Well Done!

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I hide my porn in a folder named All Porn.

  2. ^what about subfolders? You don’t want to be mixing up your sadistic-bondage porn with your lady-boy porn (for example).

  3. Yeah, name the subfolder Creed for the really kiny stuff. Layered protection.

  4. *kinky

  5. WWWWOOOOOOSSSSHHH Katya, that was the sound of you almost making a joke.

    Who actually downloads porn? Fucking losers, it’s all free. Just delete your Internet browser history.

    Except for Jimsthename, who apparently uses a fucking etcher-sketch and thought for 6 months “Angry Birds” was when he left the toilet seat up.

  6. Katya, you fcuking idiot. She was correcting your spelling. Spelling, stupid.

  7. Katya misspelled “grammer” on purpose; hence, why it was in quotes. Get it? For fuck’s sakes.

  8. ^*grammar!

  9. Hawkbit was pointing out that it was a spelling mistake, not a grammar mistake. Get it? For fuck’s sakes.

  10. if the ‘e‘ in ‘grammer’ was italicized and emboldened, it would be way betterer.


  11. if this whole post weren’t here, it would have been way bestest

  12. For once, I agree with tr_willk. Enjoy this rare moment, my friend.

  13. Adolf Hitler would often regale the attendees of his infamous fancy dress soiree’s with tales of how despicable the fucking Jews were. They were not only responsible for Germany’s economical woes but, worse in his eyes, not one of the hook nosed kikes could actually conjugate a verb properly.

  14. ^good. you’re here. I need to complain at you.
    any ideas why wordpress won’t let me log onto your blog and insult the fuck out of you? I feel slighted.

  15. ^You’ve missed me haven’t you? I can tell. I bet you’ve been struggling to push one out without me about haven’t you? Reach for the Vaseline and hosepipe ‘cos I’m back…

    I can’t see any pending comments over there, have you tried to complete the intense ten hour signing up process yet? I want to try and encourage as much shit slinging as possible so if there’s any Bill Gates computer whizz fuckwit out there who can work out how to do it let me know…

  16. Good luck with that. I’ll be in my corner.

  17. You’re no safer there in that corner to be honest curly

    That’s where I normally keep the cum slop bucket, so you’ll just end up getting hit by all the splashback.

  18. It’ll beat being hit by your nasty little pencil dick itself

  19. Woah Woah less of the pencil.

    It’s more like a nasty little fountain pen, it draws from a reservoir and pulls liquid through the nib before depositing it on a target… in this case, your lovely Irish boat race.

  20. If Katya misspelled that on purpose, she is even stupider than I thought. You don’t hear spelling when people speak.

  21. Imamofo. I fucking dig your writing. But I’m not getting any more fucking logins right now, so you just have to take my word for it, I guess, ‘coz this is hardly the fucking forum, is it?

  22. Imamaofo, your tips involving genocide are always helpful. Thank you.

  23. Some people take the holocaust way too seriously.

  24. so did hitler commit suicide ? or was he murdered. What would be more demeaning to a man who brought on millions of deaths. I think suicide was their way of saying he was a pussy. but a guy who did all that, probably wouldn’t commit suicide.

    anyway, /thoughtoftheday

  25. renketsuwarrior

    I get that she was trying to be all cool and ironic with that but she used a spelling error to highlight a grammatical one. Idiot.

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