Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Well Played Taco Bell

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  1. carlosspicyweiner


  2. Doesn’t deserve a STEVER

  3. Fake

  4. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    9 fucked a taco, T1000 will say it’s fake, MsA will have something snappy to remark and some cunt is going agree with what a random dick is going to add to the comments. Well played you bunch of soggy dampfnudeln.

  5. That taco should be careful around such a hairy pussy. I speak from expierence (STEEEEVER’s mom).

  6. I agree with you stomabeutel. I guess that makes you the random dick, huh?

  7. Oh, and it makes me the cunt, but that goes without saying.

  8. i heard bacchante tried to fuck t1000’s usb port

  9. Taco Bell in Canada, Eh?

  10. carlosspicyweiner

    I love you all.

  11. Suck it.

  12. Who are these people who spend their time visiting and commenting on fast food fb pages? What the fuck is the point? What is this pathological need to spend your life on facebook, even if it means resorting to trawling over the pages of Taco Bell and the like.

  13. I heard lilypants tried to fuck 9, but he didn’t like the boils on her furry furnace so much.

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  15. oh yes? and where did you hear that, Nails?

  16. Uh, the internets. Duh.

  17. ok. seems legit.

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