Monday, August 12, 2013

What a dip…

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  1. I’d still dip it in her…

  2. I love avacados in my gaucamole. I love avocados in my guacamole, too.

  3. What the fuck is this bitch ranting on about?

  4. what a avocunt

  5. Next she’s going to find tomatoes in her salsa

  6. Or, god forbid, beans in her bean dip

  7. Stupid avocad-ho.

  8. I guess they can just bring you a bowl of salt and lime juice, if you dont want avacados in your guacamole next time.

  9. Oh dear god what will become of me? My first thought for a comment was what Steeeever said. It really is true that when you stare into the void the void stares into you.

  10. This is one of those posts that I really wish we got to see the comments for.

  11. Eeewww! That’s disgusting!!

  12. I had to read this 3 times before my brain switched into stupid mode to comprehend what she wrote.

    This person votes, drives and may populate our planet.


  13. … even here she does seem to have guys lining up eager to help her populate the planet- gratz, guys, gratz, world xD
    (As she is so aware of what she eats, guys should definitely believe her if she says she is on the pill… )

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