Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I Think…

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  1. Do good dads go to said cheerleading practice and competitions to scope out their next lay? Because if you put it to him that way I’ll bet he’d make every single one.

  2. Best you shut up, Christina, you put up with him for 17 years!

  3. This was the best written scratching entry I have ever seen on Lamebook.

  4. Well this one certainly wasn’t too hard to track down (keywords in Google: ‘South Park Tavern’ and ‘Shaine’. That’s it. Childsplay finding this one, AND you can see who his wife is, and her profile is wide open).
    Apparently this ‘note’ was posted on 3/31 and by 4/9 she’s already saying things like “♥ Loving my life and everyone in it! ♥”
    (And on 4/8: “Big day tomorrow…tumbling, lunch, and manicures! Glad we are back together again! I have missed you so much…” even though I doubt that was directed to Shaine, but ya never know…)

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    John is trying to get his dick wet with some of that crazy chick sex … my man :-d.

  6. I’m confused because Shane, not Christina, wrote that note.

  7. It was all going so well until “could care less”. I was hoping this would be the first rant on Lamebook with perfect spelling and grammar. I can dream.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    At least their handling it in a mature and discreet manner.

    Shaine’s profile pic is a jackass, fitting.

  9. CommentsAtLarge

    they’re… damn. Point proven karma.

  10. Yeah, I went to Shaine’s (and his wife’s) profile (because neither one has any real privacy settings to speak of), and I am also confused why Shaine wrote that note about Shaine. Perhaps his wife posted “on his behalf?” Except he has used facebook since (well, via his business’s twitter account), so you’d think he’d have seen it and removed it if he didn’t want that special (and fairly excellent) rant there.

    Bonus: Apparently South Park’s Historic District is located at Bonner and Johnson St. That’s one letter off from being really funny.

  11. The grammar and spelling are awesome compared to 99% of lamebook posts… I can’t believe she even used the word arrears. Kudos to you, good mom!

  12. She wiped his ass for 17 years? What a weirdo!

  13. yea. that note is on both of their pages and this one that was posted was on shaines page. she posted it too a couple of minutes later. guess she jacked his page and posted it, but why wouldnt she just post it on her page and tag him in it if she wants everyone to know how he is? sounds like shes too much drama.

  14. @somechick i think she took over his page and might have even did the twitter thing too. notice the profile pic is a jackass.

  15. yea um lamebook ya’ll should’ve have blanked out the name of the tavern because I found both of their pages, and also their kids pages … and it’s that hard …. also they need to put there page on private A.S.A.P

  16. Yep, she totally changed his profile pic to a jackass. He probably has no idea.

  17. Christina is pretty awesome. Of course somebody has ruined it yet again and notified them they’re on Lamebook. LAME little tattlers, LAME.

    Why do all 4 kids have different last names than mom & dad. Taking into consideration being together for 17 years, cheerleading practice and the math and all that. Am I missing something obvious here?

  18. Before anyone says they’re married, I don’t think any of those girls are old enough to be married. But that’s purely based on profile picture alone.

  19. The son has only dated his girl for LESS than TWO months and he posts shit like this on his wall:

    “The best night ever was Friday I asked her to dance to our song with me and theres no good feeling like slow dancing with my baby and holding her close to me while she cried on my shoulder eyes filled with tears of happyness. Baby I Love You…”

    Oh and Dave, you couldn’t wait ’til tomorrow to notify them?!?

  20. Someone should force-feed them both legos.

  21. The other brother is a self proclaimed rapper that listed 3 Twilight films in his interests section. I mean can you blame them with a mom like that?

    I’d be so embarrassed if my folks aired their marital grievances on facebook.

  22. Things like this always beg at least a few questions:

    1. Who is the bigger asshole? The selfish person the rant is directed at and about? Or the idiot who stayed with him for 17 years for whatever reason (low / no self-esteem, expecting things to change, stupidity, etc.)?

    2. Why would you want to share with the world why you and your husband are such assholes?

    3. I think 1 and 2 are enough, but this is what you get when you use Facebook to begin with.

  23. He only owes $12k in back support? Amateur, my ex is up to $30k and we only have one kid together.

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