Friday, August 28, 2009

What’s in a Lame?


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  1. Oh man… so what OP is saying is… I can’t call myself Twinkie? I really thought it would help me gain a competitive edge in the Dallas Stripper market.

    Fo shiz.

    PS stfu stfu. Again.

  2. im having your baby

    this is one of the most amusing comment boards. also racism isn’t funny, but it can be.

  3. Fucking niggers

  4. it makes me wonder how many fat dumb ass girls are naming themselves after food…hmmmmmmmm

  5. I’m sorry, I’m totally with Crystal on this one–and not just because she’s a fucking diamond.

    (She totally is though, you know.)

    Do not name your children after food. “Number Four with Fries, Super Size” is not the proper name for a child, no matter what anyone says, and I say shame on her parents. Shame! Think of how life might have been different, if only they’d ordered a salad.

  6. how come she got to name herself?? if i had named myself, i would have come up with something much cooler than Crystal, like Potato.

  7. My name is Caesar, because I’m a salad, not because mom was having a fit when I was born, dumbasses!

  8. @me. Mercedes was a name before it was a car. The car was named after a person (one of Karl Benz’ daughters, i think; but i’m not sure), and the name soon became associated with the company itself (Daimler-Benz). Porsche is also a name, of course; but it’s a last name. But yeah, most of the people given those names now are being named after cars, which is ridiculous.

    Meanwhile, this Crystal person sounds like yer basic asshole. Diamonds are made of carbon, not feces. Grow a brain.

  9. @stfu. Totaly agree with you about Sixkiller. I often want to lash out and be like shut up nobody cares about your stupid opinions but i think i’m been too harsh. Thank you for informing this Sixkiller of how much of an idiot he is so i have someone to agree with. Sixkiller, you annoy the hell out of me. Stop being an idiot.

    -and back into ‘trying not to offend particular people mode’-

  10. @Flip If you’re going to be #39 you have to make it amusing for the rest of us. If you had read the other comments you would have known what averyone was talking about and make #39 so much better. PS: This is not meant to be an insulting comment. Some times you have good comments. I only wanted to clarify that for you because no-one else will and for some reason you don’t seem to want to read the above comments and find out for yourself. That wouldn’t have told you what was special about #39 but #29 will. You have fun with that.

  11. don’t nobody name they self anyways.


    @ 1 and 5: you are brilliant.

  13. Crystal’s a kind of hot sauce, so technically food. I mean, that works, right?

  14. crystal does not equal diamond

  15. Mmmm, chili cheese pups! I would also like to point out that Krystal’s is open 24 hrs a day. Wonder if that had something to do with it….

  16. word

  17. Yeah… My sister has never gotten over her name.. Double egg and chips!

  18. I knew a girl named Mercedes…. she looked more like a Buick.

  19. Heh, names are quite silly sometimes.

    In my country (yeah, it’s a small country few have heard of and it sucks, but whatever) There are these two names, Bolli And Ketill, which in English would be Teacup and thing-you-put-coffee-in-and-pour-it-into-cups

  20. girrrrl you don’t know who you be steppin’ to

  21. I honestly cannot explain how stupid she made herself look.

  22. Regardless of whether you can relate the word “crystal” to food, why is no one mentioning the fact that crystals and diamonds are two completely different things? You can get jewelry made with crystals very cheap. So IMO, that’s what makes this girl stupid.

  23. A diamond is a type of graphite crystal, you fucking idiot.

  24. @#72: That’s like saying beagles and dogs are two completely different things.
    #73 is correct.

  25. Apparently she doesn’t live in the South and has never eaten at one of these…

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