Wednesday, November 27, 2013

When I have a daughter…

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  2. If I ever have a son, I’ve decided to name him ‘Officer’. That way he can NEVER purchase illicit substances.
    And also, Seeetver, you are the epitome of stupidity. Congratulations.

  3. This is fucking retarded.

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  5. If you keep being this mental about raising your children, it’s your own faul if they get messed up, do drugs, and gets raped.

  6. Or, you could stop trying to be her “friend” by giving her everything she wants all the time (like a new iPhone every three months) and be a proper parent with stable rules and fitting consequences.

    However, I highly doubt any woman will ever let you impregnate her after reading your post.

  7. Anal is the answer buddy.

  8. It’d probably be a pretty chill week for the girl.

  9. “My name is Cheryl and I believe I’m your daughter”

  10. TheBeastAmongUs, I was once a fucking horrible teenage girl (who is now an adult with an excellent relationship with her parents).

    I had rules, boundaries, chores, expectations, and a job – and was never handed anything (we didn’t have much money back then – I got my first cellphone at age 17, when I had my own job to pay for it!). My parents were awesome, and very fair but stern. And I was still a bratty little shit. Teenage girls (usually, not always; not to paint everyone with the same brush), can be bitchy little twats, no matter how good their parents are. So I’ll cut him some slack (I personally found this hilarious).

  11. ^ this is all about you, so thanks


  13. well, fuck.

  14. #10 – Hormone development does that to people. I just had that image in my head of that stupid girl that was upset because her dad bought her the wrong color of Lexus.

  15. ^ just wonderin, are you hot JS? Or internet hot?

  16. ^ JennySlade is “internet hot,” because she’s a dude.

  17. ^ That’s the best kind, is it not?

  18. OP’s wife will spill the beans and fuck up on day 3.

  19. My wife caught me getting head from our daughter in the car yesterday. I told the wife it was just preperation for when she does her drivers exam.
    “Fuck off, she’s 12!!!” ,she yelled.

  20. You don’t have a wife.

  21. That’s only what I told your wife

  22. #19 you have to ejaculate sperm to have a daughter

  23. Amazing. Not one of you people would slap the shit out of a kid like that. My kids will get ass whippings early in their lives so that they’ll know they can’t try some shit like that on me by the time they get to whatever age OP is talking about.

  24. The only thing worse than an angst ridden teenage daughter is her fucking cunt mother.

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  26. ^^must be related to StupidDane

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