Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When I’m CEO

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    Ps. One of the worst posts in a while, brutal!

  2. ^one of the worst comments in a while. brutal.

  3. Wtf?
    This post has no right to exist!!!

  4. I am not sure who is more at fault here: the person who posts this on Facebook or the person who re-posts it on Lamebook. :/

  5. They’re not subhumans, but they certainly are not artists, either. Of course, the tools they are working with are pretty shabby, so perhaps if they were working for a better sandwich place, they may very well produce art.

  6. Bread jockeys.

  7. Hah! Funny

  8. Um…I think beatusmongous is over thinking it. Either that, or I’m just too high (:

  9. Subservants

  10. They may not lean at work. Always watch their substance

  11. No dogs at work either. Leave your subwoofer at home

  12. @ sippy – A little of both. I do that to mess with your head.

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