Thursday, September 12, 2013

When Miley does it….

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  1. And this is why Steeever now shops at Lowes.

  2. I’d let her lick my hammer!

  3. Neither of those things are even remotely good.

  4. Now we have Steeeeven????

  5. And the less popular foreign guy, Sveeeeeeen.

  6. Ripped from sickipedia

  7. I’ve been here for awhile Himalayanhindu, try to keep up.

  8. Who the fuck called what Miley Cyrus did ‘art’? or ‘music’?

    Rico is a boring fucking wanktard who thinks wasted means drinking a bottle of his mum’s cough syrup.

  9. Hannah Montana has grown up…

    To be a right fucking spunk target. I can’t wait to see the ‘leaked’ sex tape of some bloke ‘respecting her’ all over her face.

  10. I agree with #8

    Rico is a “wanktard” who stole a so-so joke about another “wanktard” from the rest of the internet.

  11. Not too suave, Rico.

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