Thursday, March 21, 2013

When You See It…

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  1. I read the comment and stared back at the pic and still didn’t see it at first. Hilarious!

  2. I should never have fucked your mother. You were a mistake.

  3. I hate these “when you see it” pictures where I have no idea what the fuck I’m supposed to be looking for. I mean, I see everything in the picture, what I don’t see, is something funny. I seen one last night, it was a picture of a rack of dvd movies for sale…nobody saw anything out of the ordinary, just movies. I fucking hate false advertising.

  4. Its funny because the suit behind him makes it look like he is in a rabbit outfit, and its appropriate because next week is easter, Capn.

  5. Stop getting high so much Capn you fucking waster =)

  6. Nvm finding him- that pic made public is punishment enough 😀

  7. The Easter Bunny hates you!

  8. Oh crusty, that’s horrible ad-vice 😀 and, I took note of the bunny dude, I just didn’t…oh fuck it.

  9. You can’t unsee it now!

  10. Donnie Darko. O_o

  11. looks 2 me like theres a dummy in a suit behind havin a hard time seeing da bunny ears……this fukn suks……i wanna laugh 2

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