Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When You See It…

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  1. Well what is it? Is it the man in the back that looks like his tiny little legs are straddling the woman, or is it the boy in the back watching porn on the laptop?

    Looks like the ferry out to Friday Harbor.

  2. That’s right! Ride that bitch as a real boss!

  3. He looks to be either constipated or pissed off that he chose a seat next to a bunch of fun loving and lively people.

  4. …you will not laugh.

  5. What’s that thing on the bottom-right corner, in between that middle aged woman’s thighs?
    Oh, the Lamebook watermark. On a photo probably older than lamebook itself.

  6. Oops, I meant her knees, sorry.

  7. sarcasticcupcakes

    @beatusmongous – it’s Sydney. That’s the Lower North Shore, near the zoo or Government House (where the PM lives) (across the water from Circular Quay).

  8. Yeah, already saw it on reddit a bit ago.

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