Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Which One?

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  1. This is too easy for Steeeeeveeerrr… I just spent a week in Murica and was glad to get back.. you know what I could say but I’m too tired.
    Oh ya!
    Ftw!! Steeeeeeeveeeeeerrrrrr 1st bitches! !!

  2. I would say anywhere between 1980-1993 before the advent of the internet, erosion of social skills and apathy towards violence.

  3. Way to cherry pick just the terrible things from history. Shave that douche beard, you fucking cunt.

  4. righteousindignance

    I wish we could export ungrateful cunts like this to Pakistan and then be pen pals with them for a year so we could laugh at their misery. Somebody kill this festering glob of twat discharge.

  5. The Beast Among Us

    #2 – And with awesome shows like A-Team and Baywatch.

  6. WhyTF are some of you viewing him as some sort of negative America-hater? To me he sounds like a patriot with an optimistic viewpoint. He implies that the current USA is the best so far and the future is hopeful.

  7. These comments prove that anyone can say anything bad about anywhere in the world ..other than America..

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