Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Don’t You Have A Seat…

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  1. I THINK my fb’s been hacked. Not 100% sure, sometimes I black out and rape underage girls and then post it on all my social networking sites.

  2. I think Lamebook has been hacked, I’m sure the previous owners were more witty than this.

  3. Haha. Oh, To Catch a Predator…

    Lincoln: I very much agree with you. I was around these parts two or three years ago and it appears as though the standard of the submissions has dropped somewhat. Still, I only hold first impressions for now…


  5. Woo! Underage sex is hilarious!
    Wait a sec… Been hacked as well. Dammit!

  6. Of course she didn’t tell you she was 15. First off, you never asked her age, and second, it was too difficult for her to talk with the duct tape over her mouth.

  7. I met this one girl a few years back and she tried to trick me. The first time I asked she said she was 19…and a couple days later I overheard her telling someone she just turned 17…and then I found out from a friend she was even younger. Deleted that number pretty quick when I found out her real age.

  8. ^ My money is on 11.

    No, wait, I think I’ll bet on 38.

  9. I’m betting “she” was a 12 year old Thai boy, Capn.

  10. Oh fuck off and go lick your nuts like the filthy mutt you are. “She”, was a 16 year old mermaid!

  11. ^ Why did you put quotation marks around the word “she?”

  12. Yikes!

  13. I guess I could have used to word “it”, too! Mermaids confuse me sometimes. :S

  14. FUCK me, my fingers seem to be rather tangled up today…I’ll have to come back tomorrow when they’re working correctly.

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