Thursday, January 31, 2013


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  1. There goes my lunch.

  2. wat!?

  3. Good Jebus!!! I want to see the comments below each pic cause there is no way someone said she was sexy.

  4. budunkadunk got at least 13 times as many comments as the others. i presume the majority are of negative nature.

  5. @tellingitreal, yeah they probably all say something down the lines of “thank you for putting your giant mountain of cottage cheese on Facebook. Allow me to go burn it off my memory with grain alcohol now.”

  6. More like BuDuNkAdUnK-in’ Donuts!! Holy shit, I can’t believe I just took the time to copy her spelling of “BuDuNkAdUnK.”

  7. Bu-dunk-a-don’t.

  8. wtf is yadidamean?? you wish this was you but it isn’t? yeah honey I don’t think there a man out there that thought that to themselves lol

  9. Well, good thing she’s posting those photos with a single man in mind and they’re not for us.

    She is most assuredly not my type but good on her for finding a man who is attracted to what she’s throwin’.

  10. NOPE! I’m stayin’ the fuck outta this one. Y’all can have at it…

  11. Unfortunately, I do know what yadidamean means.
    It is “you know what I mean”

  12. On the Freak-a-leak, it looks like she’s wearing god damned bed sheets.

  13. Forget duck hunting. This is an African Safari!

  14. Ironically, I’ve just seen a show about Porpoise courtship and mating rituals.

  15. What are these? Is lamebook trolling MySpace for these entries now?

  16. this has made the rounds of the internets for a while now.
    still gets me every time.

  17. What’s with the phone in the first two? If she’s advertising a phone sex line she needs to fire her marketing manager and start again.

  18. Girl, go on and make your momma proud—if she’s not rolled over in her grave yet. wtf goes through ppls minds sometimes amazes me. “Oh I bet I’ll look so awesome with a finger in my mouth.” :/

  19. I love that they blurred out her ass but not her face

    Ps that is a coincidence not irony(@14)

  20. My eyes, I’m blind1

  21. At least she has a high self-esteem?

  22. For all the negative comments here, somewhere some dude is furiously whaking it.

  23. ^I think you’ve finally said something I can agree with. Sometimes I don’t understand people like that.

  24. Okay. I’m chubby and usually I stick up for girls similar to me, but, um, no. Not in this case. I would never EVER think of taking pics like this. In a million years, um, no.

  25. Wait if CapnJaques agrees with me then I must have said something wrong. Yet my comment doesn’t look wrong. I’m so confused.

  26. Does anyone else have fear for who is breeding out there when they go on Lamebook?

  27. #25, Yeah, well, don’t get used to it buddy. We’re just friends. My hickory knob is off limits to you! 😀

  28. You just know she has 3 half black kids from 3 different dads…..

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