Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild at Wal-Mart


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  1. ‘Fucking teen gamer pricks’… could anyone have said it better? Bastards.

  2. Also, I hope that interfering piece of shit learnt her lesson. This world is full of too many people who forgot they are insignificant. The US is full of you low life fucks.

  3. I really don’t get what is so bad about swearing at children if they clearly deserve it. saying bad words, people, is NOT the same as punching someone in the face.
    and it’s not like punchface ran over the screaming little shits with her trolley like I ‘accidentally’ did one time. ok, two times.

  4. Oh? It’s just he U.S. that’s full of fucks, huh? What are you a self-righteous eurofag? Cunts come in all nationalities, just ask MsAnne! Cunt and general vulgarities use to be dirty filthy words, but by golly we’re bring that shit back in force. So eat your poison apple and keep believing that bullshit, Pappy!

  5. ^what is your point?
    that you understand the evolution of language?
    or that you empathize with me on the utter stupidity of the human pack mentality that insists, stridently, on pulling people down and keeping them as a boring and non-threatening homogenous mass?

    ‘nice’ was originally used as an insult.
    ‘slut’ was a relatively non-profane term.

    so all of you cunts can just fuck off.

  6. I’d buy Hilary a beer.

  7. Or a bitch pop if she doesn’t like hops.

  8. Hey CAPNJAQUES, I’m dual nationality, unfortunately, and have seen both side of the fucking fence. I was right in my analysis of entitled fucking cuntbag Americans. The other side have their OWN kind of cunt, but when it comes to little shit bag wannabe-edgy hipster fags – US takes the gold.

  9. carlosspicyweiner

    I hate all of you.

  10. ^that seems logical, because we all hated you first.

  11. Mzanne? Ffs, do I ever really have a pooint? And pappy , buddy, ol’ chap, say what you wish, but your opinion is completly invalid here. But congrats on your

  12. ^ So you just gonna leave us hanging?? Fucker.

  13. Well gosh, I guess there’s some kind of lamebook limbo around here…must be where the other half of my comment went…if I only I could remember what it was about….but I imagine it was something filthy and inappropriate.

  14. I like that new tactic CapnJaques. Nothing to say?… Just pretend!

    Well you DID have to be the last one to comment in our exchange, else you wouldn’t be ‘Champ of Lamebook Comments’ would you, guy?

    My comment was more than valid here. This place has it’s bunch of insignificant, Dime a dozen, ‘gotta-be-the-most-controversial’ wannabe-popular pricks and little shits that aren’t even aware they are alive yet – full of advice and ‘should-be’s but not one iota of real life experience. Just like every other site out there. yawn.

  15. ^ Welcome to the fold.

  16. no no, beat. pappy doesn’t want to fit in.
    she’s special and individual and shit.
    you know how each snowflake is unique? had you heard about that, beat?

  17. I’m about as individual as a sewer rat in NYC, because unlike you Ms, I couldn’t give a flying shite how people perceive me. You all try so hard it’s a little embarrassing. I sit back and watch this board while I chuckle to myself at all the brown nosers falling over themselves to compliment your every word – shit-scared you’re going to target them. Well, who am I to question how you attempt to raise your self esteem.

  18. You’re not going to convince me any different, Ms. We had this discussion…damn it…just piss in my lemonade why don’t ya’ fuckin’ prick… 🙁

  19. should be a comma in there…somewhere…

  20. sure pappy. you don’t care, we all suck, you think you’re so much fucking better than us.
    and yet…here you are..? odd.

  21. How predictable. I expected better…even from you.

  22. And who the fuck are you to have all theses expectations?

  23. #71 – Again, welcome to the fold. Enjoy.

  24. I’m not quite sure why it has such bizarrely high expectations and opinions of itself, capn. doesn’t make any sense to me and frankly, I’m moving on.
    I don’t give a fuck about it, and wont touch it.

    My time is far too valuable.

  25. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s like CapnJaques has a spike studded strap-on stuck up his ass, and just bitches about how hard MsAnneThrope shoved it up there instead of taking it out and moving on.

    And if this Walmart story is true, (and a lot of it points to exaggeration, but I digress)the lady antagonist is just jealous of OP for not having a dried out hole for a pussy.

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