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  2. Ryan wins — for not trying to pass off a good pun as a bad story.

  3. Ryan fails – Because this was on Sickipedia last week.

  4. Oh cool! What did they win?

  5. Self submitted post are so NOT cool.

  6. i agree dawg… it’s actually quite pathetic, especially if it’s not at all funny.

  7. Ryan’s is an old joke (which I happen to enjoy). It’s better told when spoken rather than written down.

  8. 6, I enjoyed Keenan’s troll a lot more than, say, somebody pretending to confuse Indians and Indians.

  9. I hate when annoying douchebags like Ryan say pointless crap online trying to be “poignant” or something. Are we supposed to fill in the blanks as to why the guy died? I don’t know, maybe heart attack. Maybe he choked. Maybe a shark ate him. Who cares?! Ryan, you’re a dumb shit and you say dumb shit and everybody can see that except you…

  10. @Walter Sobchak, I’m not sure if you’re trying to be ironic or something or if you actually don’t get it, so excuse me for explaining if you’re just being sarcastic.

    The first man asked for H20 (water).
    The second man asked for H20 too, which sounds like H202, which is hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, he was given hydrogen peroxide instead of water.
    Therefore, the second man died.

    There’s nothing “poignant” about it at all, it’s a chemistry joke. And one I like! Although it spoils it having to explain it :/

  11. asta and walter don’t have good chemistry

  12. @Walter Sobchak

    Cool it, Francis. This isn’t ‘nam, man!

  13. Umm, well I’m pretty sure H202 wouldn’t kill somebody since it’s pretty much the same element as H2o… And so Ryan is still a LYING cunt who says dumb shit. I bet he’s a stupid blonde. Die Ryan! Get some!

  14. I hate to break it to you Walter, but H2O is not an “element”, it is a compound. H2O2 is also a compound. If you don’t think there is a difference, you are welcome to go to any drug store and buy yourself a bottle of H2O2 and drink it. You will have a quick, but fatal lesson in chemistry.

  15. whoa, wranglers, I think you need to calm down a little. It was just a comment. I’m sorry if my blonde comment touched a nerve, but don’t you think it’s a bit extreme to threaten me with death?

    I’ll buy some h2o2 and give a teaspoon to my cat and see what happens.

  16. “Umm, well I’m pretty sure H202 wouldn’t kill somebody since it’s pretty much the same element as H2o…”

    Lmfao… yeah I’d hate to have you in a lab.

  17. I didn’t threaten you with death. You are so sure that H2O2 is the same as water without listening to people on here who know better, I though you needed to find out for your self what H2O2 is. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is what hair salons use to bleach hair. If you don’t think it is dangerous to drink it, go ahead then.

  18. obvious troll is obvious……but entertaining.

  19. Umm, just look up there ^ and you will see this:

    Wranglers says:
    you will have a quick, but fatal lesson. Muahahahaha.

  20. (I added in the diabolical laughter for emphasis)

  21. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used to induce vomiting, so no, drinking it won’t kill you. It might be deadly to give it to something that can’t vomit, like a rabbit or a horse, but not a person.

  22. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as an antimicrobial agent, an oxidizing agent and for other purposes by the U.S. FDA. For example, 35% hydrogen peroxide is used to prevent infection transmission in the hospital environment, hydrogen peroxide vapor is registered with the US EPA as a sporicidal sterilant.

    ^According to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is 100% fact.

  23. I agree with Walter. The rest of you are wrong.

  24. It’s only been a few minutes so far but the cat seems fine. The only detectable effect is that her breath smells amazingly fresh.

  25. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I’ve tried this too, I have 2 cats and gave both of them 4 tablespoons of H2O2. So far not vomiting or dieing cats and like you noticed, fresh breath and it looks like their assholes have been bleached.

  26. Sprinkles was licking her poochie and then shivering. Then after a while she just bolted out of the room and through her cat door. I think she had to take a dump. She’s back now and acting normal – just climbing up and down my leather couches and leaving plenty of punctures. I wonder if there are any other water based elements I could try giving to her.

  27. Walter FTW otra vez

    Hey Dana, why are some FB losers so fucking obvious? and why do FB mediocrities like you post such leading, pathetic, passive-aggressive statements like that?

    Keblnda [blurred out]

    “Why must I be the one who GIVES and GIVES and CERTAIN other people just TAKE all the time and use me like a $2 WHORE???? WHHHYYYYY?????????????????????????”

  28. One time I ate my neighbor’s shit.

  29. walty I get pants happy when I see your comments. Will you have my babies?

  30. You’re talking very dilute hydrogen peroxide (which would still make you very ill). The concentration used on hair is about 2%. Very concentrated (industrial strength is 10% or higher), hydrogen peroxide is bleach like the stuff used to clean toilets and drains. It can cause severe burns, stomach bleeding, intestinal gangrene, swelling of the brain, stroke, paraplegia, and death. The military use 90% hydrogen peroxide as rocket fuel, and it is explosive.

    Just because it has the same elements in as water, it does not make it “water-based” and safe.

  31. And case in point, Keegan’s self-post is much funnier than someone self-posting comments claiming to not understand Ryan.
    (Also people post their own stuff on FB, so why not self-post here if they want more people to see it).

  32. I hope Walter isn’t being serious. I really, really hope.

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