Wednesday, April 20, 2011


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  1. Bonerrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. Well that’s Nicole off my “I’d hit it list” boring cow:)

  3. Nicole just made my banana all soft and mushy.

  4. @Nicole: And Hugh Jackman.

  5. Chris’s is a recycled joke from like 1982. I don’t mean that in a “gee how 80s” way, I mean it literally, the comedian told the joke circa 1982.

    I strongly dislike people like Nicole2 who can’t just let someone vent.

  6. I <3 Henry

  7. hey! what the hell happened to my comment? Damn you Lamebook! And in the first post, I don’t care how gay the comment is, you don’t say “more better” that is just wrong!

  8. vaginalroundhouse


  9. Henry’s right. I was sure those guys were talking about a lunch date they had been on together. Guess it’s just a bromance, though, and those are sweet.

    Dustin is failing at Lent. He gets the first test of his sacrifice and can’t even last 6 minutes. Which is, of course, what she said.

  10. No Steeeever, huh? Well, in homage to him, Boner & vaginalroundhouse – ahat.

  11. I know you miss me Ahat, Don’t woor lil guy…. I haven’t gone anywhere……

  12. i’m confused about the first one, it’s gay because of the actual status or gay because they’re watching hitch?
    hmm, if it’s the former then i guess as an asian i don’t get it, probably never will, have fun with your sexual insecurities lol.

  13. When life gives you soft, mushy bananas, make banana cake!

    @aynaz – I think the apparent gayness of the situation is rising from the tone of the back and forth between the boys. But if that wasn’t obvious to you, then you’re probably right that you’ll never get it. Pretty sure it’s not about eating Japanese food. And I always have fun with my sexual insecurities, they keep me up all night long!

  14. @moniker,
    by status I meant the status + comments etc, I should have made that more clear. And no I’ll never get it since, unlike Americans, friends [boys AND girls] in the rest of the world talk to each other like friends. How unfortunate for you guys that you’re so socially restricted that any sign of kindness/empathy/cheeriness is viewed as homo. 🙁

  15. aynaz: I concur. No homo.

  16. I’m Aussie aynaz, although I have seen a LOT of American t.v. over the last 30 or so years, so I ‘get’ them to a large extent. Anyhow, I’d say you ‘get’ the joke if you understand it, not if you agree with it or find it funny.

    Nice sweeping generalisation, by the way.

  17. hootie the blowfish

    aynaz @ 14: “How unfortunate for you guys that you’re so socially restricted that any sign of kindness/empathy/cheeriness is viewed as homo”

    I am in no way encouraging the homophobic comment by Henry, who sounds like a loser, but “talk to each other like friends” means different things in different places, obviously (well, obvious to most anyway). Your generalization here is just as stupid as Henry’s.

  18. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    The gayest of them all are the moderators of this website, removing comments in some random pattern. It still think its not cool to put gay kids down, I wont’ even consider down that to an animal.

  19. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities


  20. Seriously? What’s wrong with putting people down? Was it the gay thing? The kids thing? Or are they just generally against forcing death upon someone?

  21. haeckelsembryos

    Just felt the need to say in response Nicole’s comment, I’m in Japan, have been for the past 4 years, and it’s perfectly fine where I am. It’s not even like as much as half of the country is affected by the earthquakes and tsunami. So, no, it doesn’t necessarily suck to be in Japan any more than it would normally, unless you’re near Fukushima.

  22. Just felt to say, it does suck in Japan. The radiation is spreading, a mass amount is now in the sea as well. Some people I know, have come to the US to get away from it, and one person has now been diagnosed with cancer from it. Her family luckily didn’t get it as they went away from the danger zone to look for survivors. The stubborn girl did go where she wasn’t supposed to and now is paying for it. Kind of deserved it.

    In closing, yes it does suck. I wanted to go there but now I never will, I don’t trust it, and it’s hard as hell to clean up radiation.

  23. @ aynaz, it isn’t about them showing affection, but how they are doing it. Initially, I thought it was a girl and a guy talking to one another because I didn’t bother to look at the names. Not in a camp gay way, but I could see this conversation as two gays talking to each other intimately.

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