Tuesday, January 24, 2012


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  1. Really hope we get a few less of this stuff, the majority is shit.

  2. I like Number 2.

  3. I’m embarrassed for number three.

  4. @Crusty couldn’t have put it better myself

  5. These were lame, which is fine because it’s Lamebook. They just show us how lame people can be.

  6. Mack’s picture kind of looks like mine. Dammit.

  7. ^If you own that godawful fucking shirt too, then I hate you.
    It actually manages to make the joke worse – just by existing.

  8. Fortunately, no, I don’t own that shirt. Also, fortunately, my picture here isn’t actually a picture of me.

  9. Goddamnit, beatus, and here I assumed you looked like the douchebag in your avatar. My whole life is now wrecked.

  10. Sorry to disappoint you, Mad. Does it help you to know that the picture is actually of a friend of mine?

  11. both your friend and the tragic pokéboy in the post look like terrorists to me.
    I’d always hoped you were a terrorist.

  12. Is Matthew trying to deflect that searing conflagration of Dragons Breath with a toy sword?!

    Or is the bender’s pastel hoodie that he’s wearing flameproof?

  13. vaginalroundhouse

    Damnit I am waiting for the porn time lines!

  14. LOL @ #3

  15. Roundhouse, google “Ron Jeremy” then after you’ve had your fill there…google, “woman gets fucked by horse”. Should give you a pretty concise timeline of how porn has changed for the worse over the years.

  16. yeah vag. betcha never even heard of Ron Jeremy before crusty pointed him out to you, huh? crusty is just So Fucking Wise.

  17. Thanks.

    Hey, on a related note, I googled “S.F.W.” It’s a film from 1994 about “An alienated and misanthropic teenager”…it’s you, you son of a bitch.

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