Tuesday, August 31, 2010


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  1. You’re parking is as fine as you’re English.

  2. A bad “you’re” is almost as much fun as poorly used quotation “marks.” (but not “quite.”)

  3. Haha! Stupid people.

  4. @ Travis, at least she has a job and not living off welfare.

    The second one is awesome!

  5. Haha! Retarts.

  6. Travis sounds like a bitter bitch.

    She stop blowing you, buddy?

  7. Yeah.. I give her credit for having a job… even if it sucks. I’d rather be a mascot at chuck-e-cheese’s than work at McDonald’s.

    The second one makes me wonder what this world is coming to if they’re giving idiots a license in the first place.

    the third one was amusing. I could see that in my high school.

  8. I agree #4… Ya do what you gotta do to support your kids – at least she’s working. Now if she was hooking… that might be newsworthy.

    You’re Mama’s gay’s.

  9. I just want to ask “your gay what?”
    seriously apostrophes aren’t THAT difficult.
    if you are REALLY stuck, here’s a helpful link:

  10. I’m sorry to burst your bubble Kati, but those compliments are thrown around all the time. Alas, nobody has complimented me on my parking yet, maybe because mine is great and they didn’t have a note that said that.

  11. #2 is obviously meant to be a play on words, parking tickets don’t say “Parking fine” on them, they say parking ticket.

  12. these made me chuckle.

    you know that she’s making a joke right? it’s fairly obvious that she knows it’s a fine.

  13. Ya.. I think lamebook should have posted the 1st one under douchebags, I really don’t see that Travis has won anything positive from that rant. If he finds that gratifying my guess is he probably does not have an awesome education either… His lack of using capitals at the beginning of each sentence is another good indicator of that.

  14. Travis is bitter, I think I love Kati a little, and the grafitti is kind of totally awesome. I love graffiti conversations that are more than just “ur gay!” “no, UR GAI!” “Your both fags” “Your moms is a fag!” etc, etc.

    Though, there was one mildly amusing one in response to a tag that was all over the place that said “Marty loves Kelly.” It was the predictable “I fucked Kelly.” Was a nice, cheap laugh.

  15. I'm Canadian Also

    At a bathroom at my University there was a urinal that was out of order so there was a piece of cardboard duct-taped in front of it reading “out of order”. underneath was a five or six message thread on the ineptitude of union labour and ensuing rebuttals until the last commenter noted that people were responding to someone who trolls on urinal.

  16. lumpyspaceprincess

    I don’t understand how these grammar nazis can be so hard on people about what they write, and then they capitalize random letters in the middle of words like thIs? My English teacher does the same thing.

  17. @lumpy

    The only capital letters I see in the third post are at the beginning of the sentence, and then to emphasize the words “possessive” and “you’re,” unless you’re seeing something I’m not. I think italics work better for emphasis, but that’s had to do in handwriting, and I don’t think that capitalizing for emphasis is actually incorrect. I could be wrong though.

  18. ….i think that “in” is more appropriate than “at”. just sayin.

  19. lex, I was thinking the same thing. I wish I could write on that wall too to tell the grammar nazi that 🙂

  20. Saffer needs another comma in her comment.

    Comma comment.

    Karma Kramer.

  21. @18 and 19

    ‘At college’ is used instead of ‘in college’ over here in Britain. I’d explain why, but that would mean unleashing my inner grammar nazi; I’ve already got myself into trouble doing that.

  22. noted brad! 🙂

    21 please tell me why, I didn’t mean to turn into a grammar nazi myself with that post- hence the smiley.

  23. The highest your elevator will go? WTF?

  24. San Diego State does not count as college

  25. Actually, “you’re” is NOT a possessive. It is a contraction that is short for “you are”. SDSU should be quite proud of the grammatical skills of their students. *snort*

  26. nacs386- I think they’re saying that “your” is possessive, not “you’re”. They’re pointing out that they used the incorrect ‘your’ since the one they used was possessive, not the contraction.

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