Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wins for your Wednesday

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  1. Lydia ftw.

  2. BEN!!

  3. GK ftw

  4. My mother used to say:

    The next time you come, just come to your senses –

    I was really small and only realised her true meaning a few years back. That status just reminded me that my ex never came to he senses – although he drew very quick conclusions

  5. *his

  6. I don’t get the cake one.

  7. Shes saying is baking cakes a youthamism for sex, so the oven glove would be?

  8. Toddy is Frodo.

  9. I can’t be absolutely HIV positive, but I think it was a really horrible sex reference??

  10. @FriSp: i hope your question is a joke.

  11. there is a person called montague? seriously? how…shakespearean

  12. pineapplesalad

    How the hell do you jump to the conclusion that baking a cake is a euphemism for sex? There is nothing in that sentence that can possibly be taken as a double entendre, unless by baking cakes Robert meant making a baby. Either way, Trystan’s comment is lame and idiotic, considering that even if it WAS intended to be sexual, wearing an “oven glove” would hypothetically prevent the cakes from being baked. If that makes sense.

    Trystan’s post is not funny and definitely not a win; he’s probably the type that thinks women in the kitchen jokes are still funny and adds “That’s what she said” to everything and anything, regardless of context.

  13. i am sexually attracted to shallowness

  14. Paranoid Android

    There I was, eagerly logging onto lamebook for a fresh batch of lameness only to be presented with this dirge.

    Well, fuck you lamebook, yeah, fuck you.

    Only kidding, love you really.

  15. anyone want to make me a sandwich?

  16. Chiken mayo for me – whoever’s making

  17. Ria’s going to have the weekend all over her face.

  18. Can someone please explain to me why April is complaining about the way Toddy (shame) types when her Facebook language seems to be set to Fucking Idiot? (21 m!nz b4 via F4c3b00k 4 !Ph0n3 – $p@m <3)

  19. Come on Lamebook, you can do better than this! I believe in you!!

    @FriSp – What exactly is a “youthamism?” I can’t seem to find that in the dictionary…

  20. @frisp.. Youthamism, really? Wtf

  21. Who's That Girl?

    @dcrearview – I will gladly make you a sandwich – as long as you’re nothing like Ria’s ex. PE is no laughing matter…it’s the woman who truly suffers…

  22. PE is a laughing matter , in and out fast means more time for beers, gaming and sports

    Can’t beat the feeling 🙂

  23. Who's That Girl?

    *mental note* – Father Sha likes his sandwiches to go…

  24. Bucky Fellini

    It’s “yoofamism”, people. Gawd. So may retarts, so little tim.

  25. @SiameseGun:
    It’s Leet Speak, a geek-originated way of typing that replaces letters with numbers and/or symbols. And it could be much, much worse.

  26. Just joking whos that girl , loving the to go remak though. PE is only fun if it happened to to ex of the girl you are getting it on with, makes it a lot easier to impress them.

  27. COPY-PASTED Ria’s status.

  28. anyone know what language is toddy using for his fb?

  29. I would say that April should take her facebook out of Leet Speak before she can criticize anyone’s spelling, but…well his name is “Toddy” so I guess that’s fine.

  30. Then again now that I think about it the person who posted it is the one in Leet Speak… oddly ironic.

  31. I’m pretty sure April isn’t the one with Leet speak. The third party member who submitted this is.

  32. guys thanks 🙂

  33. Isn’t it supposed to be “Ove Glove?” I know my infomercials.

  34. ahh Ria I couldn’t agree more

  35. this alen kid is as dedicated as malteaser.

  36. sexluther, I’ve missed you.

    You’re right about that Alen prick, he is true to his cause, but I don’t see him endearing himself to anyone on here, unlike the malt.

  37. Lydia got Kristen good!

    I think the Leet speak or whatever it is, is actually Toddy’s.

  38. that one chick


    I think Lydia got Montague, not Kristen.
    Let me explain: If Montague is attracted to intelligence, and opposites attract (opposite of intelligent is UNintelligent), Montague must be unintelligent.


    He probably came to that conclusion because of the “bun in the oven” expression (it means pregnant). Maybe he thought cakes are like buns, so putting cakes/buns in the oven can only happen by having sex. However, an oven glove (condom) apparently will not let the bun stay or grow in the oven.

  39. pineapplesalad

    @that one chick

    I know he probably was thinking of “a bun in the oven” as well, which is why I said the oven glove was a stupid suggestion since it would prevent making a bun in the oven.

  40. Youthamism was the funniest thing on here all week!

  41. Hello, summer, good place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to begin. Are you ready? shoes,and,handbags,t-shirts,BIKINI..ect/… thanks… COME../,.

  42. lol

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