Monday, November 15, 2010

Wins to Start the Week

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Although I would also rather stay in bed and watch Dexter.

  3. Dukey, I think you could watch Dexter while turning tricks.
    How many burhka wearing women are allowed by their owners, I mean, husbands, to use the internet?

  4. curiosity got the best of me and I had to google bieber senior too….meh…I still don’t have the fever.

  5. bollywood_rocks83

    I have senior beiber fever now. Dude is hot although he gets points taken off for naming his daughter Jazmyn.

    mad2, i understand your question may be tongue in cheek,but after meeting some Saudi Arabian cousins, I had a better appreciation for the burkha wearing people… they’re actually more liberal than the media would have us believe…

  6. @els9874 – I also had to google him. Not my cup of tea either, thankfully. He is still a Bieber.

  7. Rejoice! Bieber funnies with a slight hint of casual racism. Nice start to the week.

  8. bollywood, my original question was phrased in a rather joking fashion, although it had a serious question at its core.
    I don’t deny that there are many Saudis who are like the ones you speak of, but the fact that you can offer up a smattering of anecdotal evidence is hardly a convincing argument for the liberality of the burkha’d in general. There’s plenty of anecdotes going the other direction as well (like the school in Saudi Arabia that burned down with all the girls trapped inside – trapped by a religious official who would not let them out because they had left behind their burkhas), and in the end one needs evidence more scientific than anecdotal. Anyway even if there were no other requirements laid upon her, demanding that a woman cover her face is too much for me stand, period.
    I don’t know how the media generally portrays them because I ignore mainstream news media. My information on them comes from various human rights organizations.

  9. Bieber’s dad is pretty hot. What pretty little girls he created!

  10. justin bieber’s dad is not at all what i expected. he looks like a member of one of those awful late 90s rap/metal bands – i’m thinking papa roach, limp bizkit etc. poor justin better hope he takes after his mother.

  11. Justin’s dad is fugly, just like she is.
    Advantages of prostitution number two: You’re your own boss.

  12. Justin & her father, i don’t mind, but her mom is milf.

  13. I agree, jr888. I’d titter around with with mom, with some titillating conversation before ramming her with some chicken fingers that happen to be licking good. Afterward, I’d tell her she’s the breast I’d ever had.

  14. Yes, mad2physicist, just yes!

  15. @Keona – own boss? Try hitting beat and your wages stolen by your boss/pimp.

  16. @fangora Forgive my fail, I assumed Pimps had hoes owned hos and not prostitutes. I guess I don’t have a number two perk. I’ll get back to it.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Anyway even if there were no other requirements laid upon her, demanding that a woman cover her face is too much for me stand, period.

    Unless of course she is ugly then burk her away.

    This one, I don’t mind though

  18. @Vincent – i was thinking he was the image of Vanilla Ice myself.

  19. Bieber’s dad needs to wear a chin-burqa to cover up that growth on his chin.

  20. beiber senior fans are almost as bad as middle-aged women twilight fans…… blehhh

  21. Lol I know a girl who dated justin bieber’s dad for years… Oh the joys of living in small town Ontario…

  22. He lives just a short drive for me. God knows why he chooses to still live in Winnipeg. He certainly seems to love riding his childs fame in every other way possible, yet he hasn’t yet ditched this burg.

  23. I gotta say I have serious respect for Bieber. In any high school in America he would be bullied and called a faggot, yet he has made millions of dollars, has tons of girls, chills with rappers and Will ferrel. Bieber is a genius, I mean he has no real talent yet he’s managed to set himself up for life and I have no idea how, If I was smart enough to do that when I was 13 or whatever I would’ve in a second.

  24. Biggest advantage of prostitution: you can barter for needed goods and everyone takes your currency.

    Justin Bieber is so lame he’s not even worth making fun of. I’m just waiting for him to get raped by a fan. Or a non-fan. That way I can get in on it. (And I would definitely rape him, if only for street cred.)

    Women in burkas don’t get tagged.

  25. Would it completely fuck up Muslim women if all western women started wearing ‘sexy burqas’?

    That’s right Burqas with peep holes, see through burqas and burqas with slightly erotic messages printed across the arse.

    Burqa porn would flood the internet and incidents of burqa rape and burqa bukkake would rocket.

    Soon (just like the mini skirt)any woman seen wearing this article of clothing would be considered a cum gargling sperm whore.

    I am worried that Muslim women would become confused with our infidel sluts, how the hell would i tell if i’m supposed to feel guilty or not after making them renounce God around a mouthful of my cock?!

  26. I’m getting seriously hard thinking about burqa bukkake

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