Monday, June 27, 2011

Wins to Start the Week!

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  1. Not first!

    I’ll try Osama with my girl later,not sure if she would like it though.

  2. Liking Heath seizing the opportunity!

    Someone needs to tell Aaron the answer is 10. The question asks how many fish do you have, not how many alive fish do you have! A dead fish is still a fish!

  3. I don’t know about Afrocomb, but I have like 20 dead fish in my freezer. To eat. I’m such a monster

  4. Is pudding a liquid? Doesn’t seem very liquidy to me…
    Can fish swim in tequila?

  5. yodawg make sure you are shouting “72 virgins here I come”.

  6. shadowwhisperer

    The biggest fail here is that fish can’t come back to life. He has 5 fish.

  7. alabamahotpocket

    He has 10 fish!

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish?

  9. I don’t care how many fish there were, I laughed at “pudding.”

  10. For the Osama, she has to be holding a stuffed animal hostage.

  11. Haha, Comments lol!

  12. Ive been doing the Osama for years. At least i have a name for it now

  13. MMA? Male-Male-Animal?? I give up.

  14. @ Hawkbit – That…or mixed martial arts. Also, Google exists…

  15. I wonder where that fish did go.. A fish, a fish, a fishy, ohhhhh.

  16. Kim is awesome, and we have the same name. Wazzaa!

  17. Google does exist but I wanted someone to tell me! I bask in your attention creepy introverted perverted lamebook community!

  18. Kim,For the absolute win!!!!ROTFL!

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