Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WINSday Part 1 (+ a TypOH! bonus)

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  1. u can tell that she needs on english class… (tiya) wat kinda name is that anyways…

  2. I don’t listen to anything that rhymes with Pickle Sack…

  3. Haha well I definitely enjoyed Justin’s post

  4. Did Justin’s ex-friend Antoniette spell her own name wrong? Or did her parents actually call her that? Surely you can’t just create a new name by swapping 2 letters? :/

  5. Well I stand corrected, apparently you can. There are 500+ ‘Antoniette’s on Facebook.

  6. GAAH! Somebody please stab Tiya in the eye!

  7. I presume Lady Destinee is of royal English blood. Or maybe that’s her whore name. As if there’s a difference.

    Whiny little bitches who comment on Lamebook about how lame Lamebook postings are, as you might guess, lame.

  8. Penny Lane THANK YOU. The vagina is on the inside people! Vaginas do not grow hair!

  9. Why would post that you waxed your vagina? Is nothing sacred anymore? Do these people have real life friends that they get together with? “So, you waxed your vagina huh?” I liked it better before, when people knew what shame was. LET ALONE, IT WAS A MOBILE VIA TEXT MESSAGE!

  10. Ew…hairy vagina. It makes me so sad that there are women walking around that consider their pubic area/vulva their vagina. It would be like if a guy waxed and went around saying, “I waxed my penis!” ummm…no, you didn’t. and I know that PennyLane and Lola already pointed this out, but I just had to reiterate.

  11. I’m going to assume you’re divorced, Dazey….

  12. Tiya is the last monkey that should be missing out on a English class. Although, we can always use a few more spunk guzzling prostitutes walking the streets. Destiny is a bitch, eh?!

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