Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WINSday Part 2

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  1. Melissa rocks. That is exactly what my response would have been. Why chicks want to engage in the petty squabbling over men I will never understand. Melissa knows that Nate had women before her and is not threatened. She understands that Elizabeth’s comments where out of jealousy and meant to stir up a fight either with her or Nate. Melissa refused to take the bait and in the same sentence very politely called Elizabeth a fluffer. Loved this.

  2. Say, both Amber and Adam should be shot in the head for their remarks, but I think it’s clear as hell that Adam was just trying to piss Amber off for her insensitivity on the old, which means he might not really have directed the insult to every single fatso, while Amber might really have meant what she said (seeing that nobody provoked her to say it from what I see)..

    Fatso’s, thin people, they’re almost the same. But more people think they’re fatso’s than there are fatso’s. Wait fatso is a real word??

  3. 1.) Yeah gotta say the kitchen jokes don’t bother me, it’s more of a ‘meh’ – mild amusement at the woman (Janet I think it was) who felt the need to even make a comment.
    Not worth it hun, not in the least.

    2.)Ryan is a legend.

    3.) Candice… Sighhh.
    Evan ‘i think it’s obvious’ – so is your comment really, anyone reading that status would have sniggered without needing your comment to explain. But thanks anyway.

    4.)Adam is unoriginal.

    5.) Melissa, also a legend. Elizabeth shot down in flames.

  4. Lamebook is sexist.

  5. melissa goes hard but Nate is the real winner… girls like Melissa are hard to come by

  6. SEXIST! Sexist, lame, unoriginal, not funny, immature garbage. I swear, if I see one more make me a sandwich, get back to the kitchen “jokes” on here, especially as a fucking win, I will never come back to this site again. This site is hilarious, I love checking it everyday at my lunch break but the sexism is off the charts. It’s so offensive and really not funny. The lamest thing about lamebook is the sexism. How is it a win to use the same joke 7,000 times? It honestly just makes men look bad as they’re too unoriginal to expand their vocabulary and wit past “get me a sandwich” and “that’s what she said.”

  7. RE: thissux

    Quit your ranting you fat cow and get back in the kitchen before I black BOTH your eyes. It’s not the same joke, cause every woman is different, yet still belongs in the kitchen. If you don;t like it go back to u must be a giant rosieodonnellesque lesbo.

  8. tl;dr

    i still think you a big fat rosieodonell look a like and that url you posted does nothing to dispell that. back to the kitchen, monster.

  9. oh but i did notice that the study was conducted in a third world country where beating women is as common as drinking coffee. America was once like that also, you ungrateful cow.

  10. miidnightrain4590

    Granada is in Spain, good job though.

  11. @infantsorrow, thanks for the list of cliches. You just proved my point. Stop trying to compensate for your little penis by picking on women. And yeah, I’m sure you have trouble with heavier woman, they make your little dick look even smaller!

  12. “oh but i did notice that the study was conducted in a third world country where beating women is as common as drinking coffee. America was once like that also, you ungrateful cow.”

    Yeah, let’s not let facts get in the way! SEXISM, FTW! Infant Sorrow, you and your gay emo screen name should just slit your wrists already and get it over with. Obviously you can’t get a woman so you feel the need to attack and objectify them.

  13. Isn’t infant sorrow the name of that dudes band from forgetting Sarah Marshall?

  14. You can tell who is obese by the way they react to Adam.

    Amber certainly fired the 1st round based on something people absolutely, unarguably cannot control.

  15. Melissa, Evan & Evan, FTW!

  16. C. Proseedcake KSC

    Three cheers for Melissa!

  17. 😀

  18. Go Melissa. 🙂

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