Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wonderful Wins!

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  1. Dear Fucktards of Lamebook,

    if you post something, stick to it. Putting jokes about the disaster in Japan as a facebook status is already lame to start with, collecting them and posting them on lamebook is even lamer. Removing the post from lamebook, because even the most hardened commenters find this distasteful; fucking uber lame with cream and cherry on top.

  2. damn it! I hate when I miss fucking uber lame, distasteful, with cream and a cherry on top lamebook posts : /

  3. Dammit lamebook, now everyone missed my mini-meltdown, you spineless distasteful motherfuckers.

  4. Noooooooo!
    I’d been lurking for one for so long now

  5. doctorchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Melina would be funnier if it weren’t for the fact that white people originate in the Caucuses, which are in Western Asia. The term ‘Caucasian’ should really have been the clue there.

  6. Melina: Black people are like Lego.. they have holes in their feet and they are all crack addicted muggers.

  7. doctorchalk, Melina would be funnier if anyone knew what the hell Playmobil was.

  8. Did anybody get a screencap of Lamebook’s epic fail?

  9. You guys should definitely, definitely sue.

  10. TheIncredibleMrGQ

    Imamofo: you just proved Melina’s point.

  11. Well shit. I’m bummed I missed the post they took down. Son of a bitch lamebook I wanted to see PA’s freak out as well as anyone else’s. Damn it.

  12. I’m very happy they took it down, I never side with things being taken down, but that was just an major epic and offensive fail. It was disgusting. I’m still worked up after logging off and joining Android at a lingerie shoot, you’d think that would be calming.

  13. It must have been really offensive if the likes of someone who discusses in great detail how to fist a baby is complaining about it. Yeah, I’m talking about you, colon boy.

  14. I wanna see something offensive

  15. lather.rinse.repeat

    Dammit.. I can’t even use google to find the cached version cause they don’t have one

  16. oh dear, i just read the post in my google reader and was so disgusted. good they have taken it down.

  17. well, what was it????

  18. Nexus my dear simian friend, what is your problem? Did you hurt your wanking hand?

    I am the first one to admit that my jokes are offensive, distasteful and rude. These, however are jokes about things that would never happen in real life. Earth quakes, thousands of death and missing people plus the prospect of having to life with Radioactive contamination for generations to come, is far from funny to me.

    Let me suggest something here, you go to Ikea, you get yourself a big closet, take it home, put it together, get a nice glass of wine, put up some Diana Ross or Shirley get into the closet and come out again. Maybe then you can follow your dream and become the best dragqueen ever. I even have a name for you, you can call yourself Sandy, Sandy Vagina.

    Apart from that I would like to add that I respect your choice in life-style but I still think you’re a big poo poo head with smelly breath.

  19. Ahhh shit, you had a meltdown Paranoid. And I missed it?

  20. one a second thought, Nexus why don’t you take a big gulp from my imaginary German poop bag? Fucking mincer

  21. Oh no, babies don’t get sexually abused in real life, do they? Also, I recall a thread where others were sending their thoughts and prayers to all the NZ Lamebookers after the Christchurch earthquake. Someone asked what a NZ Lamebooker was, and your comment was along the lines of saying it was a commenter who was no longer with us because they had died in the earthquake. You said that about 24 hours after the event. Remember that one?

    No, you don’t make jokes about anything that happens in real life, do you?

    You’re very unfunny, but your utter hypocrisy is laughable.

  22. @10 MrGQ You are like Stickle Bricks, useless, full of pricks and as thick as a fucking bick.

  23. @nexus, Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

  24. In real life refers to MY real life. What you do to babies, is purely your business. The NZ joke was me taking the piss out of a dumb fuck and preventing a Wallace at the same time.

  25. Oh, well that makes it all okay then. Douche.

  26. Hi Nexus or Douche, no that doesn’t make it all ok. I think it’s horrible that you molest babies, but I keep my moral outrage to myself. Stoma.

    PS how about that big gulp?

  27. Yeah, stomabeutel, Real Life refers to *your* real life, but everyone has their own real life and when it gets personal is when people don’t like the jokes. The earthquake for me means, my aunt and uncle’s house demolished, my mother’s house messed up with no water for over a month, no toilets, a friend who died in the CTV building and a city that has no centre of town anymore and won’t stop shaking! So you can see why I wouldn’t appreciate a joke about it. Although, actually maybe I would, I need cheering up. Depends on the joke I geuss

  28. jesuschristisgay

    You are all pathetic. Making jokes about current disasters is what makes lamebook great. Getting something removed because you can’t handle it makes you look like a bunch of whiners. If tomorrow there is a massive earthquake in California and half my family dies, I’m not going to bitch and moan about it. I hope anyone who complained about it dies in an earthquake.

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