Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Words to live by


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  1. Is this guy claiming to have come up with the phrase, “Tap that ass”?

  2. Wow. Even by Baylor’s standards that’s low.

  3. I think actually, those are verses from the Bible. After all, Baylor is a Christian University.

  4. Beyond the sheer irony of the self-admitted Baylor link, I can’t get over the massive douchebaggery in (1) quoting yourself in your profile and (2) pretending as though “tap that ass” was a unique phrase you came up with that hasn’t been around since before you were born.

  5. You guys pretty much covered it. Not much more to say except I agree, his douchebag status as at a all time high.

  6. I would just fault that he had the pretentiousness to put it in the first person. What if someone saw the quotes and didn’t know whose profile he/she was looking at?

  7. Doesn’t Baylor suck? Why brag about something like that?

  8. I demand to know that guy’s name so that I can put his quotes in my own “favourite quotations”.

  9. It’s funny that he would say “eat a dick” b.c he prolly says it to dudes…. Baylor has a very strict no gay policy.

    This guy is an all around douche.

  10. Baylor very much so sucks. Getting into/attending Baylor is absolutely nothing to brag about.

  11. Baylor is the toilet bowl of the Big 12

  12. whatever bitches, baylor’s still a better University than most of you all go to. eat a dick

  13. Josh: “Baylor very much so sucks”? Somehow, your comments on a university, any university, lose their sting when you can’t properly construct a sentence. I think, at this point, you would be blessed to be accepted to clown college.

    That being said, this is ridiculous and this guy is definitely a douche.

  14. And Moses cometh down from the mountain Sinai and claimeth that God had spoketh to him and said… Eat a dick. I go to Baylor.

  15. Sic ’em Bears!

  16. @ Mike: FKN LOL!!!

  17. Baylor is full of hot ass and this fucking idiot gives us normal Baylor people a bad name…bottom line, he is a dbag!

  18. I believe he meant to say Tap “dat” ass. *smh*

  19. Oh look. Another completely arrogant, self-centered asshat.

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