Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Worrisome Words

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  1. Lol these were somewhat enjoyable!

    P.S. BeN!

  2. barefootmama0709

    Of course, microphones are also inanimate objects. Pseudo-intelligence fail.

  3. wordswordswords

    OMG someone please tell me Jenny WAS trolling.


  5. CommentsAtLarge

    Yeah, pretty sure Hannah meant EXACTLY what she said – she was singing into her battery-operated-best-friend while jumping on her bed. After the song was done, it was used for its intended purpose. Keep up Kevin, jeez.

  6. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Whether or not Jenny was trolling, if I saw those comments that would be enough to not talk to a person ever again.

  7. laugh.out.loud

    Finally! The Hannah post is lamebook worthy.

  8. “Inanimate” does not make much sense in that context. I think Hannah did mean what she said.

  9. Jack’s a man after my own heart, If somebody tried to correct my talk i’d literally piss in their mouth.

  10. Abs is not a grammar nazi, he is a spelling nazi.

  11. How does this spelling Nazi thing work?

    Do you put a load of misspelt words onto a train and then interring them in atrocious conditions before killing them in a variety of horrific ways before denying it ever happened?

    Cheddar forgives you. You fucking sun lounger stealing, humourless, Hoff loving shits.

  12. Personally, I’d been more disturbed if Hannah had been using animate things as substitute microphone..

    I mean, not that I care, but screeching at a slowly suffocating gerbil is slightly more disturbing than waving a dildo around.

    Still, I bet both of those things happening in several places around the world at this very moment.

  13. Hahahaha…YESSS!!!
    @blahblahbla. I just got the most ridiculous mental picture.

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