Friday, February 2, 2018

Wrong Tirade

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  1. I think this idiot is the one sending bad chemicals to his/her brain. I can’t believe some of these moronic cunts actually exist in the world.

  2. And they actually believe what they write too ! Education – ain’t it great !

  3. That’s a dude who was touched by a preacher. Probably comments here regularly too

  4. ^ Found him.


  5. “The Devil’s Doorbell” That’s really funny!

    Assuming this idiot is a religious nut… I thought they believed that humans (and everything else) were created by god. Is he suggesting that the devil subsequently added a clitoris, so that women could have more fun?

  6. There’s a species of hyena that gives birth through the clitoris. Conclusion – the OP is a hyena. Hence the laughter emoji.

  7. My mind called BS on that Cerys…..
    …..but I looked it up and, ‘holy 7-inch clitoris’, you are CORRECT !!

    Ain’t life an education !!!!!

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