Wednesday, June 15, 2016


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  1. Gayyyy-yyyyyy!

  2. ^lol best comment ever!!

  3. To those people who down-voted the first commenter, those dicks just don’t get humour. I sympathise (in fact empathise) 110% with the original Facebook post but that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my sense of humour. That post way gayyy BECAUSE it was gayyy, and I agree with Lost-Dog, best comment ever 🙂

    Wait. Unless those downvoters were ISIS supporters! Hooooly Gay Shit! CHECK OVERHEAD FOR DRONES YOU FAGGOT DAESH ISIS ISIL MNEMONIC SOBS!

  4. Be grateful you’re not a gay pig.
    Rainbow coloured bacon, anyone?

  5. The Beast Among Us

    Bacon and eggs. All in a day’s work for the chicken, lifetime commitment for the pig.

  6. I didn’t know it was legal to eat gay they fry well? How bout the really chubby ones? Hannibal know you have to RESTRAIN yourself!

    HOW is being an endangered animal ( only to gentiles..not practicing jews!)
    Even CLOSE or comparable to being gay? Gays aren’t an endangered species! Look at San Francisco or Seattle! In’s gay pride month..or is it a homosexual horoscope?

  7. whycantiusemyemailaddress

    I’m disappointed. Not because I’m pro- or anti-gay marriage. It’s not political. I’m disappointed because I want my entertainment to be apolitical.

    When consider political issues, I do so using informative, sourced, intelligent sources. When politics sneaks into entertainment, you have people trying to exert political influence without the rigorous intellectualism that should accompany it. That degrades the discussion for all of us.

    I don’t do entertainment that mixes in political advocacy. I’m unsubscribing from lamebook on my feedly.

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