Monday, May 4, 2009



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  1. Doctors Note:
    Yaz may contain AIDS.

  2. …why is this lame?

  3. Lame in the fact that her doctor would probably be a better source of medical advice than her random lady friends on fb.

  4. Yeah, this absolutely isn’t lame. ‘Random lady friends’ are often going to have better insights about contraception and side effects than a GP. Lots of women suffer negative side effects from their pill and don’t even realise it until they talk to other women.

  5. The stupid thing is, Yaz has comparatively no side effects to other contraceptive pills. Have no idea what side effects she’s referring to!

  6. The lame thing is that Yaz and Yasmin was recalled in July.

  7. AnonymousBastard

    God damn it Amy

  8. Oy vey, people.
    Don’t you see?
    This isn’t “lame” because of WHAT she’s asking, it’s lame that she’s SCREAMING IT FROM THE HILLTOPS by posting it on her facebook.
    It’s basically saying “EVERYONE IM HAVIN SEX WOOOOOOO”
    A smart lady would google it, or send a private message to her girl friends. I don’t want everyone on my friend list to hear every detail of my contraceptive choices!

  9. Hey, at least she won’t be procreating.

  10. Did anyone catch onto the fact that her friend recommended NO birth control?

  11. Yaz(sic)….the only way is up
    Was that the theme tune for their advertising

  12. KittypotpieBeansprout

    *yawn* this one bored me… perfectly normal question to ask your friends! AJ -Yasmin was recalled? What country?? Wasn’t where I live

  13. I wouldn’t even crack a smile if I knew these people…

  14. Stuff gets recalled but once they fix the problem it gets put back out on the shelves.

  15. How is this even remotely lame? Was the submitter a total prude who felt that birth control talk was some kind of social faux pas?

  16. Yas has been recalled in the U.S. because of unacceptable side effects. There was even a commercial from the company that made Yas that advised people who had watched their previous commercials to not use Yas. So basically her doctor told her to take a drug that would ruin her life and/or kill her.

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