Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yogurt Probs

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  1. It’s not sociably acceptable for men to admit liking yogurt, except for Steever and his love of throat yogurt….that apparently is okay.

  2. He’s complaining about women in their early thirties. He also said he’s “a person of the male persuasion.” Like they say on Fox news, “I’m no expert,” so in the spirit, I’ll keep talking anyway. This guy is openly gay. Therefore, it is perfectly socially acceptable for him to eat yogurt and like it. Stvr, on the other hand, fails miserably at living in the closet, and that is not socially acceptable. Come out Stvr. There’s always someone craving more head.

  3. Pat-something. Then go eat your yoghurt.
    It’s possible for you to eat such, no matter who does it in the commercials.

    Actually, you sound rather bitchy about this. I guess you are a bitch. It is you they portrait in those commercials. No problem for you!

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