Monday, May 28, 2012

You Are NOT the Mother!

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  1. I like how they block out her last name but right underneath it says Shiloy Rayne and then her sister Vikki Jordan. LOL

  2. Yeah no kidding. And yet when you submit they ask you to not block anything out and that they will do it. Sure, I really trust that.

  3. That’s not a curse. That’s inability to have safe sex.
    Congrats on graduating with some common sense.

  4. I hope the motivation to graduate without getting pregnant was to escape the stigma of the Jeremy Kyle generation and to break the curse of a family without values, not just 400 dollars.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ^ Says Someone named hungrytramp

  6. ^Says someone who is fake.

  7. ^says someone who is an idiot!

  8. She clearly states she is only interested in women on her page. She totally conned her parents out of that money. What was she going to do, adopt a baby while in high school?

  9. ^I’m not stalky enough to bother hunting some random non-preggers chick down. That, and I also don’t give a shit.

    But the fact that she’s a lesbian actually makes this funny.

  10. No one would want to fuck that thing anyway. I’d rather bang Hillary Clinton.

  11. ^The feeling is mutual I hear.

  12. ^ I fucked your mom.

  13. hawkbit is chelsea clinton?

  14. Could Amanda please stand up?

  15. So she was tribbing it up through school then? Fuck, I’d rather live with the illusion I’ve created that she failed to get pregnant because she was taking it up the ass the whole time…bummer…So much for turning this into another thread about anal…

  16. ^you just learnt a new word, didn’t you?

  17. What? Anal?

  18. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Is not getting pregnant really that difficult? I suppose the conflict created by being a whore in an educational system that actually thinks abstinence is worth teaching as a means of contraception probably does cause a problem.

  19. BorderlineDane

    have her family ever heard about condoms??

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