Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Bitch!

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  1. Derek came up with all that shite in 3 min.


  2. It’s really just a race to show what you know.

    So I’m a dick? Dick was the nickname of Richard Nixon, whose lawyer and speechwriter was Ben Stein, who had a show on Comedy Central called Ben Stein’s Money, which co-starred Jimmy Kimmel, who was banging Sarah Silverman at one time… something something Kevin Bacon. This is fun!

  3. Oh I get! I posted, you responded, you’re a giant douche nozzle. Hey, you’re right, this is fun!

  4. . . . doesn’t that make you a giant douche nozzle?

  5. Only in so far as it makes a bitch beautiful, which is doesn’t …

  6. *it

  7. k

  8. Would it havetaken you more than 3 minutes to type all that, stubby..?
    You a “hunt & peck” kinda guy?

  9. So, Derek happens to check Facebook just as OP posts, thinks of reply and punches it out in 3min? Snapshots 9min later ..

    Yeah I stand corrected, it’s real 0.o

  10. I’d pay money to see danielle and derek in a cage match fight to the death.

  11. i think we are missing the point. WAY to many “likes” on mediocre stuff.

  12. lol holy crap I can’t believe I got on this site. The point was you can connect any insult to something else random, rendering the status idiotic.

  13. ^and how do you feel about bare-knuckle cage brawling?

  14. Yeah we get the point Derek, ya twat. Next time end it with something a normal person would be familar with… maybe even a sexy lady, like, say Sophie Marceau.

  15. ^ Anyone who is unfamiliar with Dexter is no friend of mine

    Btw sorry I offended you so much, I’m disconnecting my internet forever if it makes you feel any better

  16. ^I think you could take danielle. I got $500 says you can.

  17. my 8 year old sister uses that whole “nature is beautiful” thing. Danielle is mature…

  18. ^ah. so…$350, then?

  19. Stubby comes across in all of his posts like an angry, chode of an internet troll. Someone stab him.

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