Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You Fail

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  1. Something tells me Scott is still a virgin

  2. Scott’s persistent virginity is completely explainable: when presented with the opportunity to get to know a woman, he instantly assumes an overbearing and overly analytical personality, thus causing an adverse psychological reaction within said female. Totally explainable. (Also, some may be put off by his improper use of apostrophes.)

  3. Dumb B*tch

  4. It’s spelled “explainable” – YOU fail. Good day, sir.


  5. sack up and fight the power nancy

    i agree with merle as long as sarah doesn’t actually thing there is no explanation. Her humor is based solely on her context. If she is actually thinking she’s innovative to ask such questions and that no possible explanation exists then I’ll have to say as dry as scott’s dick may be, i side with him.

  6. I used to have people like Scott in my network.

    Used to.

  7. That’s a verbal curb stomping.

  8. Now, see, I would have just said, “You know, I can answer all of your questions, but they would be best understood in person, over dinner at my place.”

  9. Lol, hard around the rim.

  10. Scott is obviously attempting to speak well above his level of intelligence. That angers me slightly.

  11. Wouldn’t it make more sense to call a building a built then?

  12. Scott is correct. Unless Sarah has fantastic tits, in which case she is right and he’s a twat.

    Tits > Truth.

  13. Scott’s not getting the pussy.

  14. necrophiliac64258

    The worst thing is that I bet Scott went on google and looked up the answers for all those questions.

  15. Should be “its bottle” not “it’s bottle.” Scott fails. That’s like typing “her’s” or “your’s”

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