Monday, September 3, 2012

You R. Correct

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  1. Fuck up idiot.
    A few seconds ago

  2. He was acquitted, it must be said. The jury thought he was pissing on another girl, possibly not underage, rather than the 14 year old that the prosecution had put forward.
    What a gentleman.

  3. forget the underage pissing, it’s his status he should be locked up for.. what a tool

  4. Bring_back_fingering

    “Exactly. What sort of fuckwit attributes their own status update?”

    – Bring Back Fingering

  5. Even if he’d only pissed in a toilet since the day he was born, he still makes lots of money from adolescents who are too young to know the difference between real music and horrible electronic noises.

  6. You R Fake.

  7. @2 He was acquitted because most men can’t hit the toilet, never mind a moving target.

  8. ^ Dumb. I can hit a toilet… all over the rim. Now clean it up and make me a casserole. Fuck a sammich.

  9. But don’t fuck my sammich. That’s gross.

  10. i couldn’t. not after what i did to your burrito.

  11. Damn you!

  12. The mental picture is Just. Too. Disturbing.

  13. where you aware that there are places in the human body that jalapenos really should not be put?

  14. ^ Jap’s eye comes to mind…

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