Friday, July 20, 2012

You Tell ’em

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  1. Bullshit.

  2. who shit?

  3. An erect Eric fucked Aaron while running errands. 3rd

  4. Fake.

  5. hootie the blowfish

    Eric is an asshole. It was a kind of weird question for the guy to ask, but I don’t see anything offensive about it.

  6. Eric wasted a prime opportunity.
    I fucking LOVE it when door-to-door salespeople and religious hawkers come to call. I mean, they never seem to want to stay long, but we have some real quality time before they flee.

  7. Yeah…Ms…before they ‘flee’….I can hear you now…”it rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”….We all know what you do with them you sick fuck… 🙂

  8. the door to door salesman sounds more like a door to door paedophile

  9. ^that’s a bit of a fucking stretch isn’t it, franky?

  10. Is it? He’s going door to door asking if mum and dad are home, he got all smug when Eric said ‘No’. He totally thought he was in there.

  11. Eastleigh is a fucking dump.

  12. maybe.
    although I choose to believe that Eric used the word ‘smug’ because he was trying to paint the (innocent blue-collar employee who was just probably trying to make rent) salesman in a negative light, so that his absolute cunt of an attitude didn’t reflect too poorly on himself.

  13. Eric has clearly suffered a case of l’espirit de l’escalier and is pretending he didn’t.

    Franky, he didn’t get smug at parents not being home, but rather at who owned the home. Eric used smug incorrectly–condescending is what he meant. But your reading comprehension concerns me. We may move you down from the blue level to the green. I’ll call your parents tonight.

  14. the other day, a couple of Jehovah’s witnesses, you know, the dicks on bikes looking all men in black ish knocked on my door. I invited them I for a coffee.
    as they sat down, I asked them what they wanted. one of them replied “I don’t know, we’ve never actually gotten this far”

    boom tish

  15. ^How high up on your thigh was his hand? Once you go Jehovah there’s no gettin’ over.

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  17. ^^ fake….

  18. Nothing wrong with my reading comprehension rightbrain3. Hey, did you know that it is thought that the right side of the brain is the ‘creative’ side.. interesting that, huh?

  19. A subtle insult on Lamebook–well played, Franky! Although I’m impressed, if you do it again I’ll call you a slew of nasty names that probably have no actual bearing on who you are or what you’re like. And if you really piss me off, I’ll insinuate.
    Yes, you read correctly. I’ll insinuate things about your sexlife and masculinity about which I have no idea. And you don’t want that heat. No siree.

  20. Did you know that the hemisphere model of the brain (ie left does this, right does that) was debunked decades ago?

    Catch up.

  21. Eric, you’re a smug little asshole.

  22. Howdy, Stubby. Yes I do know that, but the implication of the term still exists. Just like southpaw. I’ll assume you know your left hand isn’t always facing south.

    Lighten up.

  23. MsAnnethrope I love how you call all of these ppl cunts and say negative things about their attitudes towards things.. You do realise you are trying to be an oxymoron, but only come up as a moron. Seriously shut your filthy cockhole of a mouth and move on. Your life must be so incredibly empty and dull that you have to come on sites like this and comment on every little thing. You obviously have no one in your life because you think being a misanthrope is cool or something. Honestly the reason ppl don’t like you is cause you’re an asshole not because you are too much for them to handle. So pls stfu and move on with life… I am sure rightbrain would assume I am making implication and assumptions, but no. I guarantee everything I said is true. You read like a profile you little emo hipster.

  24. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    ^seriously? I thought I had anger management issues… Besides that, speak for yourself and don’t comment on behalf of others.

    I, personally, think that you’re acting like a big girls blouse. Did you create an account just to get this of your chest? What’s your biggest disappointment in life? Being you?

  25. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    I once was visited by a couple of mormon gentlemen, when asked if I believed in God. No! I replied. So, asked one of them, you are an atheist? No I said, I do eat meat. They left shortly after and seemed puzzled.

  26. Mrwhyte, ever heard of rising above it?

    The above comment has to be the least funny thing I have ever read. Did your mom laugh at that joke son?

  27. hootie the blowfish

    I have it on good authority that mrwhyte is the first person to ever realize the word oxymoron ends with “moron” and try to make a pun based on this fact. He failed pretty thoroughly at it, though, if the goal was to make the pun impactful.

  28. Clearly MsAnne has run him through the wood chipper at least once before and he’s come back reincarnated as Mr. Whyte. Tinycroc…is that you? And you do know you just told us a lot more about yourself than you did about MsAnne, don’cha? One only wonders how you deal with things in your life that actually matter!

    Dammit, Stom (may I call you Stom?), your big blouse comment made me laugh but than took it away with that atheist joke.

  29. *but then you

  30. Sinister Purposes

    Jeez. A lot of people here banging MsAnne, obviously.

  31. Yeah, because we all totally love banging assholes here, cuz, like, you know, we’re all a buncha fags n cunts n junk! Just ball yer fist up real tight and ram it in and you’ll fit in just fine Mr. Sinister!

  32. The Salesman was jelly of Eric’s crib, silently thinking “Why does a kid half my age own a house when I’m clearly more entitled to one?”, before driving to the nearest ATM and pulling out everything, then blowing it on gambling, booze and crusty hookers.

  33. carlosspicyweiner

    Mmm, crusty hookers…

  34. hey whyte?

    boo. fucking. hoo.

    that is all, and I insincerely hope it was totally worth the fucking wait.

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