Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Win

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  1. Throatwobbler Mangrove

    Yeah – first!

    …I don’t get the joke. “Racha”?

  2. Even if its WAS spelled “Sirracha’ it would be lame as fuck. But its ‘sriracha’ which makes it Steeeever level gay.

  3. Don’t get it at all and I’m English !!

  4. If you take name after some random game-figure, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  5. I’ve already spent too much time trying to get it. Eight seconds I’ll never get back. Fuck this post with Stvr’s dick.

  6. The Beast Among Us

    This speaks a lot about the Lamebook wankers and why they suck so much.

  7. Aside from the sriracha misspelling, after you are knighted, you are still referred to by your first name. So you are Sir Walter, or Sir Ian. Or in this guys case, Sir Knobjockey.

  8. you included among

  9. amongst all this lameness, the silver lining is that we continuously voice our own lame opinions in whatever voice we choose. It is a beautiful thing. Props lamebook.

  10. The Beast Among Us

    #8 – If that’s meant for me, you need to know that the words “Lamebook wankers” are synonymous with “Lamebook adm¡ns.” I just hate fighting my automatic spell check every time I insert a ¡.

  11. AN eye for AN i? You illiterate twat.

  12. You’re gonna have to kiss a lot of elderly asses often if you want to be knighted.

  13. Sweetatas, you should change your name to Vant. Or Cumsition. Or Cusclown.

  14. The Beast Among Us

    SweatyManBoobs, it’s not an “i”, it’s a “¡”. In case you can’t see from all the cum in your eyes, it’s a punctuation mark.

  15. can I interpunction it?

  16. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Nope. It must be either prepunctioned, or used as an alternative to “i” in order to fool the auto censor software on Lamebook.

  17. If you use an alternative to the letter “I” which supposedly sounds the same, I personally believe that “an” should proceed the imaginary “letter.” I would never say, “I inserted a I,” out loud. That would be dumb.

  18. The Beast Among Us

    ^ But I didn’t. In that last comment, I said I used it as an alternative to “i”. No article necessary.

  19. Illiterate fuck;-] Go insert AN “I” shaped thing in your rectum.

  20. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Oh, shut up, you religious fanatic.

  21. Ok, laughed a little.

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