Monday, January 17, 2011

You Win Some…

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  1. Johanna obviously has no idea what to do with a penis.

  2. Eh, Nick shouldn’t have gone with that last comment…kinda ruined it.

  3. #1 Priests love both 🙂

  4. Change penis to boobs and everything is fine.

    I’m so sick of double standards.

  5. Yeah but I mean, doesn’t the penis bring people lots and lots of pleasure?

    You need to just accept it. Accept it and it won’t have to be shoved down your throat, and then it will be an enjoyable time for both people.

    Also, she said not to shove it down her kids throats, does that mean they can shove it down hers?

  6. We can only hope.

  7. Speaking of Australia, how are things word? I’m hoping the flood isn’t near you. Such a bummer 🙁 and here’s to you feeling better!

  8. The flooding is nowhere near me, Zoned, it was in another state. The worst seems to be over, thankfully, but there is a massive clean-up and rebuilding operation ahead. And I’m feeling much, much better. Back to work in 2 weeks – finger’s crossed.

    This story is from another state now experiencing flooding. I read about it in the paper. I know these idiots wasted valuable SES time, but I can’t help laughing. They rescued the doll, but not the girl’s panties. Haha.

  9. the legal fund progress chart on the left is really what keeps me coming back here… it’s the only thing i truly know will remain constant and unchanging in this rapidly evolving, cruel world we live in.
    thanks lamebook, for always being lame.

  10. I’m amazed they got 3600 hundred bucks…who the hell gave them money?

  11. $3,600,000?

  12. I pitched in $1.25.

  13. they dont call it the wet season for nuffink

  14. 1. Meh
    2. Meh
    3. Meh
    4. Strewth! Meh

    Cunts, the lot of ’em. Cue some Conway Twitty music.

  15. All I have to say is Hurly FTW. That guy is awesome.

  16. the yarra river where the idiots were on the blow up dolls, had a little flooding, but nothing like what QLD has or what the western area of Victoria has.

    so its not so much a natural disaster where they were on the river.

  17. Ugh! I didn’t need to hear that! I hate you all!

  18. I normally don’t mix sports and weirdo facebook sites, but go Bears! Let’s whoop some Packer ass this weekend!

  19. @Skinner

    The Bears are horrible. Packers have this one. Eagles were found dead, so were Falcons. 😉 They would have had the pleasure of taking down Seahawks but taking down Bears will be no problem.

    Bears fucking suck. So do Cubs.

  20. funny you should mention that, i had a bear suck me off too the other night. i’m more into cubs though, you know, before they get all fat and hairy. as for me, i’m definitely a packer.

    i love american sports fans, they are so much more gay-friendly than their european equivalents.

  21. @Vincent
    How do you tame a bear? Jesus. It must have been hard not getting it maul you.

  22. no, they’re gentle giants. beyond the tough, manly exterior of flannel shirts and trucker caps, they’re just big pussies. and they absolutely relish cock.

    which brings us back full circle to fans of american football.

  23. Cherry, why all the Chi-town hate? (aside from the pending doom for the Pack ;))

    Vinnie, do you think bears relish the cock as much as you relish being one?

  24. @Comments, the Pack is going to stomp that ass on Sunday. If you saw the way the other teams got annihilated, I’d say the Bears and their fans should start fearing.

    Vincent is a cock but he pretty much described the Minnesota Vikings to a T.

  25. Cherry, we survived having Rex Grossman as a QB, we no longer know fear.

  26. Funny story word,
    I went to the last 49er game a few weeks ago and there were three Aussies sitting behind me. I had more fun listening to them talk than watching the game! They said that food portion size in the U.S. is out of control and that they could not stop eating while they were here. AND that you guys don’t get free soda refills. I was shocked! Is that true?!

  27. fleur, all true. I’ve been to the States, and yes, your food portions are out of control. Crikey! They’re like 4 times the size of what’s served here. No wonder so many Americans are morbidly obese. As for soda refills, most places here don’t offer them except for some of the fast-food chains.

    Gotta love the Aussie accent, though, hey mate?

  28. Pity religion wasnt like breasts, I would be happy to have boobs pushed down my throat. (well my mouth).

  29. That accent led me to believe that there were three ridiculously masculine men wearing no shirts, baring their bulging biceps and washboard abs and little nipples made hard from the cold, but with sensitive and caring eyes bedecked with long lashes over souls that screamed “we want to be your love-bitches, please spank us!”.

    Alas, this was not so.

  30. Yeap, unfortunately we have more than our fair share of walruses, too.

  31. With those sort of descriptions, I think Australia’s Board of Tourism should offer fleur a job. Minus the “Walruses” part of course.

  32. Yes, it made for some excellent imagery, Comments. If only that were the actual case for the average Aussie bloke. Alas, it is not.

  33. Word: What is the “average Aussie bloke” like? I’m curious…

  34. are they much like this?
    i’m tired of men like this in america.

  35. An “average” Aussie bloke no longer really exists, angierec. These days, he’s more likely to look like a Mustafa rather than a Mark, but I’m being unkind.

    rawnuh, nope, nothing really like them.

    The average Aussie bloke is more likely to look like this. Ugh…

  36. There are genuine misconceptions abound in this comments section which I will now attempt to address:

    The average Australian Male is 1/3 Criminal and not to be trusted.

    Americans don’t play Football, they play Handegg.

    I often go white water rafting with my blow up doll… well ok it’s not strictly water and it’s also slightly yellowish, but you get the picture…. it’s spunk.

  37. If I was Hurley from LOST, I’d probably punch the shit out of the next guy who saw me at an airport and ‘brilliantly’ told me they wouldn’t want to be on my flight.

    Then I’d go shit out some more money, and then kill myself for even being involved with that fetid fucking turd of a final season.

  38. mofo, where do you get your stats? You’re not far off, though.

    For what it’s worth, I’ll expand a little further for the ladies who were curious about Aussie blokes. What I was saying there was we’re very multicultural here now, so the stereotypical Aussie bloke is a little harder to come by. But if you were to see one, they’d kinda look like the dude in the pic I attached.

    As for what they’re actually like, well, Aussie blokes like their beer, their meat, their sport, their TV, and their mates (not necessarily in that order). Note I didn’t include their women. They like them, but they’re not a priority. They sound just like any other guy, don’t they? Apologies to any Aussie blokes on here, but it’s the truth, fellas.

  39. I rather read it as : a third of each Australian male is a criminal, meaning that they were ALL not to be trusted, of course.

  40. wandr Correctomundo! Of course you understand that I don’t mean this as any type of racial slur, that would be hypocritical, after all I’m half rapist myself.

    word I got my stats from an Australian I was talking to the other day, he also reliably informed me that you all love Fosters and wear cork hats whilst playing bum tango with a pet kangaroo… I have no reason to doubt his testimony.

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