Monday, June 20, 2011

You’re Folked!

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  1. first 🙂

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    June 20th, 2011 at 6:03 pm

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  3. n00dles, you may have heard of me, I like to trace people who put “first” on forums, bulletin boards and the like. Fortunately for me Lamebook’s security is somewhat lax. Coming at yer!

  4. I’m not seeing why Daniel’s reply is funny? Yes, Colin will thank his dad. Unless Daniel is not actually is dad, then that is just a regular response. Or am I missing something?

    (In my defence, today has not been my brightest day.)

  5. I’d guess Daniel’s not Colin’s dad. Although he might be his brother, in which case it’d be funny in a horrendous, incest kind of way.

  6. “Get off my status”

  7. meh go for it rubert, im on one of the work computers. And i never go on lamebook on my personal laptop

  8. I don’t think, that it’s Daniels’s reply, that is funny. I think it’s Colin’s status that is lame…

    As to the 3rd one – makes my head hurt, to try to understand, what are they on about.

  9. comma overload…

  10. ^^^ Don’t mind if I do! >:)

  11. I’m gonna start saying, “Get off my status.”

  12. You named your son Ivey?

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