Monday, June 30, 2014

You’re Hired!

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  1. so basically hes telling us he has a small penis.

  2. He’s also a registered sex offender.

  3. Sounds like a country western song: “A Boy Named Kaitlen”

  4. I think he meant Thai Kwan do.

  5. I speak Chinese. No wait. I eat Chinese.

  6. I think she’s female, as she’s called Kaitlen. I also think she’s a dumb female as she spelt most of her ‘skills’ incorrectly. But I also suspect she gets her dumbness from her mum, as she’s called Kaitlen.

  7. Thenarox, more brawn than brains, I guess.

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  9. As a member of the Certified United Ninja Titulary Seminar, I can confirm that this prick muncher is indeed registered.

    And not allowed within 200yds of a school or place where children gather. So fuck knows what this nanny shit is all about?

  10. They’re spelt: capoeira, jiu jitsu and tae kwon do.

  11. Shame your education seems lacking in certain areas. I would suggest going back to school to brush up on your spelling, punctuation and grammar. Then maybe afterwards, try finding out the correct spelling of the martial arts you claim to be an expert in.

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