Tuesday, September 1, 2009

0% Accurate


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  1. yes. a thing of absolute beauty.

  2. Smart as shit, touche.

  3. someone help me here. Is proff the shortened form of professor or the Norwegian word that means very agile, showing superior mastering?

  4. im having your baby

    clearly its not proof

  5. clearly neither, rat.

    Fok, she’s scary…

  6. What did this exam consist of? Did she have to spell her name?? Nah, it must have been something else or she wouldn’t have scored as well.

  7. Why didn’t Lamebook hide her face

  8. Hahahaha.

  9. @Jax: because lamebook wanted everyone to see that she was black, to further enforce the stereotype we have all come to agree on.

  10. Jax – why is Anon allowed to say that but we’re not??

  11. Anonis, please stop talking.

  12. This quiz is stupid. She must be 100% stupid, since she didn’t get any correct answers.

  13. Anon is being facetious.

  14. This post should really just be called “smart as shit.” She said it herself.

  15. Totally, we should rule the world through FB quizzes!

  16. The accuracy or otherwise of this post seems to rest on how smart you’re willing to acknowledge “shitt” is.

    I can’t talk. When I was in high school, I was the only person in my class to score zero on an IQ test. The guy in charge of it assured me I was not an idiot.

  17. Usually blurring the name works, but with a name like that there can’t be that many around.

  18. @ 10 STC. The complete answer would get me moered here for being boring and pc but the short answer is: because it shouldn’t be said 🙂

  19. Hoorah for Boz. Clearly 0% stupid

  20. took me a while to realise she meant “proof” instead of “prof” lol…

  21. That must have been the only possible quiz result…

  22. True Jax. Thinking’s fine…

    lol Boz

  23. 0% stupid. Brilliant.

  24. Props to facebook for making people believe that their dumb quizzes and apps are true to life so they take that shit seriously. See, that’s the key word, believe.

  25. Maleia,

    is that your real name?

  26. im having your baby

    “smart as shit” sounds about right.
    is this the same skank with the allgrownup baby?

  27. test gives 0% for stupid people so when they try to spell proof and say proff it gives smug satisfaction to everyone else.

  28. The proff is in the pudding.

  29. hahaha @ squid. i lol’d.

  30. HA HA HA HA HA it’s proof! You are fucking dumb as shit! You’re a moron.

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