Thursday, July 7, 2011

14 for 13

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  1. raiseyourglass

    I’m hoping this is fake, but if not, it’s really disgusting

  2. Mmmmm. The newest-model ProstiTot: now comes in the flavor “illiterate”.
    Here’s hoping she doesn’t have the mouth herp, disgusting little brat.

  3. Fake and gay.

  4. Not nearly cool enough to be gay.

  5. That scares me. Seriously. Fuck

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    It’s gay as a fuck

  7. This can’t actually be real. Surely.

  8. her name is catie spelled with a “c.” she may as well jump on that pole right now. it’s like naming your daughter mercedes and then being surprised when she tells you she’s a stripper.

  9. In any other post (and even on real FB) the “like” option comes before the “comment” option… me thinks it’s fixed!

  10. Don’t know why people are shocked by this, most 13 year olds are like this now. :/

    This is probably fake, but it’s hardly shocking haha. It’s just what kids are like now.

  11. I was gonna have a meltdown about the fact that what kids are (supposedly) like these days doesn’t make it right, but it exhausted me just thinking about it, and I have to prepare for a modeling shoot and everything.
    I planned to ask if purplecow was 14 (or doing them), too, but I find I don’t care. I’ll send him/her a picture instead

    Before going back to whoring, I leave you with this parting wisdom : mofo would tap that.

  12. I doubt the world’s changed so much in the ten years since I was thirteen. If this was real (which it isn’t), it would be shocking.

  13. has to be fake, girls dont brag about sucking dick, everyone at every age knows its easy to be able to suck a dick… If a young girl walks up to a young guy and says can I suck your dick… without factoring in looks the answer is yes at least 70% of the time…

    stupid and fake

  14. I reeeaaaally hope this shit is fake. If not this girl is fuckin disgusting.

  15. aahh, fake i agree, the person who said like come before comment is right, plus there’s no option to like the comments below, or write a comment? not sure if that would happen, not a fb tech. these days being a whore is in, and actually analrapist, when i was in school, every one of my friends would talk and brag about how many guys and what they did with them (me being the only virgin out of them), so bragging about sucking D is legitimate. So glad my high school days are long gone!

  16. Yeah. It’s a cringey kinda fake.
    I honestly can’t get my head around why people would bother.. I’m pretty sure there are enough genuinely lame people out there to fuel this site with all it needs.

  17. Whether or not it’s fake, you know there are other girls out there that really are like this.
    I am never having children.

  18. bollywood_rocks83

    I’m going to go with maybe real. I had a cousin write as her status: I love sex. Just had it for the first time”. I missed it until 2 days later before I made her take it down. She refused and said she was proud of her sexuality. Her brother had to interfere and called his mum to tell her.

    So this may be very real.

  19. It is definitely not true that “most 13 year olds are like this now” or that this is “just what kids are like now.” People only think that because the youth people talk about comprises the few who DO act like this. Nobody wants to talk about good kids, nor do they get media attention, like those who star on 16 and Pregnant.

  20. Clearly fake. What grandma do you know that uses the phrase ‘going down’ and ‘guys’.

    The overly punctuated and general wording of it shows it’s clearly some irritating pair of 14 year old girls ‘lets try getting on lamebook’!

  21. I don’t know. My mom is 50 and she uses questionable “hip” language. I’m 28, so, technically, I could have a 13 yr old daughter. If the cycle of whoredom is any indicator in this family, grandma knows exactly what she’s talking about…

  22. nonarenee, I feel the need to point out to you that Catie is the nickname for Catherine, like Katie is for Katherine. Not tacky names at all. I hardly think Catherine the Great would appreciate you saying she has a stripper name.

  23. If all teenagers are like this, then as a spieces we are screwed. Thankfully this is not so, it’s just the case that idiots like this are the ones that get noticed.
    It must also be pointed out that (some) teens bost about non-existant sexual exploits because they think it’s big and clever. Don’t judge them all by the actions of twats like this.

  24. At first I didn’t doubt this was fake because, unfortunately, there are little girls like this. DISCLAIMER: I am not saying they all are. They are not. There are however quite a few.
    But then I noticed about the “comment” and “like” being mixed up. That got me to re-read it, and it just seems a little.. contrived..

  25. Holy crap, didn’t notice that! Good catch, ijk!

  26. If you think it’s fake because Comment is before Like, then you think about 1/4th of the statuses on Lamebook are fake, because it happens about a quarter of the time. I don’t know why, but just go back through the past couple days on Lamebook and you’ll see lots and lots of statuses have Comment then Like.

  27. Actually, that and many others with Comment before Like may very well be fake. Take a look at this: it puts comment before like (although it blacks out the last name I’m sure there’s a way around that)

  28. yeah facebook used to have comment before like so this is probably just an older post that someone decided just now to submit. and this could be real if you watch maury there are 13 year olds who do this stuff all the time

  29. So, my best friend’s full name Catherine, but she goes by Katie.

    There are many variations that her name could be:
    Katarina, Kate, Katelin, Katerina(Russian, also could be Ekaterina), Katerine, Katharina, Katharine, Katherine, Katherina, Kathie, Kathlene, Kathryn, Kathy, Katie, Katrin, Katrina, Kathleen, Katrine, Kathleen, Katy, Katya(Russian)
    As well as: Cait, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Catherine, Cathleen, Catarina, Caterina.

    Catie/ Katie is a shortened version of LOTS of names. Just a little fact 🙂

  30. Lol. I’d be “prowder” if 14 guys had gone down on me in a month instead.

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